Newbie seeking advices on 4* team setup

My current team is Gormek, Rigard, Chao, Little John, Sonya, all at 3/60. I play it for both Titan and Raid.

I also have following 4* heroes (most of them are not leveled).

Red: Scarlett, Colen, Kelie;
Yellow: Wu Kong, Li Xue, Hu Tao;
Purple: Sabina, Merlin;
Green: Caedmon, Menlendor, Kashhrek;
Blue: Kiril, Grimm;

I have only one 5 * Azlar whom I totally lack the mats to ascend. So my question is: which hero I should level to replace my current team? What are your suggestions for a solid 4* team for Titan/event, and raids (offensive and defensive) based on my available heroes?

Thanks in advance. I would really appreciate your inputs…

Red: Scarlett
Yellow: Wu Kong
Purple: Merlin
Green: Melendor
Blue: Kiril and Grimm

If you have material max your first rainbow. If not work on your second rainbow.

Scarlet, Wu Kong, Merlin, Kaedmon, Kiril.

You can play around this two rainbow to see what heroes suit to your style than take them to 70.

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Thanks guys for your inputs. At the moment I have mast to fully ascend one green and one yellow. Yellow should go with Wu, I guess? Not sure about the green tho…

Oh another question, does Kiril and Wu Kong’s specials stack? I mean, they both have +attack, right?

If you feel like you need a healer: Melendor
If you could need a sniper: Caedmon
If you need a tank: Kashhrek

Yes :slight_smile:


Following what you said I would suggest Caedmon all the way to 70 and Wu to 70. Replace Chao and Little John.

Use Gormek for your tank.

Rigard Caedmon Gormek Wu Sonya

The heroes @FraVit93 mentioned will give you a solid team for the content of E&P. The special attacks of these heroes are the most important ones you want to have. (Also, the comments of other players are straight forward right!)

However one solid team will not excel in all aspects of the game.

My addition:

Titan team
For titan fights it is smart to leave out heroes with the weak color against the titan (same color as the titan; Wu Kong as exception) and use at least 1 more hero of the strong color.

Example Red Titan: Blue - Blue - Purple - Yellow - Red | Or a 3rd blue which you switch for purple or red. Yellow, Wu Kong, is a hero you will want to keep almost always in titan fights.

Necessary heroes for titan fights (upgrade these first if your primary focus is titan fights):
Gormek, Wu Kong, Kiril and Grimm

Other useful heroes for titan fights:
Rigard, Little John, Sonya, Scarlett, Sabina, Merlin, Caedmon & Melendor

This once again depends on the color of mobs/bosses and their special abilities. Threads on this forum have already discussed what heroes you ‘should’ use. Looking at your bench of heroes and their special attacks, I would suggest to certainly use a few of the following heroes for these events:

Gormek - defense debuffer and AOE hitter
Scarlett - attack debuffer
Rigard - healer + cures status ailments from your heroes
Sabina / Melendor - healer + removes buffs from enemies
Merlin - prevents bosses using their special attacks on you
Wu Kong - no explanation needed
Chao - I prefer Chao over Hu Tao and Li Xiu for attack teams, because his special deals more damage as a sniper. Mana reduction is useful for bosses
Sonya - single sniper and removes buffs from all enemies
Kiril - boost your defense and attack
Grimm - defense debuffer and AOE hitter (like Gormek)
Caedmon - single sniper and removes buffs from all enemies (like Sonya)
Little John - Mana reduction is useful for bosses (a bit like Chao)

It is important to use the right combination of heroes so that there is no overlap in special attacks.

Let’s use Guardians of Teltoc (reflect color yellow) as an example. I would stack double or triple on purple color heroes. I would use Merlin (mana control), Sabina (heal + buff removers and more tile damage compared to Rigard), Gormek (defense debuff + aoe hitter) for sure. You might want to add Kiril for the boosts. You will need a sniper. Caedmon will suit better since the event yields green mobs in the first 2 stages. Or you double on red to counter the green mobs and use Kelile as sniper.

Your team could be: Gormek, Sabina, Merlin + Kiril/Caedmon/Kelile.

But hey, you don’t have a hero who cures your status ailments now. So maybe you do want to switch Rigard for Sabina and use Caedmon to remove buffs from your opponents. As you can see, there is not a single approach to these events.

Let’s assume you’re looking for a rainbow defense team.

Kashrek is your number 1 tank for your defense team. I usually stack 3 red color heroes against him, but often he fires his special attack neverthless. Problem!

Wu Kong in your defense team isn’t such a great addition. I personally think Li Xiu (or Chao, but Li Xiu is better in defense) is more annoying to play against. Li Xiu could also serve well as a tank.

Grimm is a nice addition for your defense team if you place him next to your tank. That way his special attack has a higher chance of being used. If your tank is Kashrek, then Grimm will also absorb less damage from tiles if your opponents stacks red heroes and uses red tiles to attack your center. If Kiril his special goes off, then your opponent will need to remove your buffs or else it’s going to be a lot harder for them to beat you. I would also position him next to your tank, since he has average mana for his special attack. Sonya, just as Caedmon are nice snipers.

Gormek would currently be the best red for your defense team. A case can be made wether or not you should use both Gormek and Grimm in the same team.

From your healers I think Melendor is the best one for your defense team. Considering I favor using Merlin instead of Sabina or Rigard, Melendor would be my first choice. But maybe, when using Kashrek as tank, you don’t need another healer. It’s a personal matter.

I would always include, based on your current available heroes, Gormek, Merlin and a healer. The defense teams I would aim for and try out are:

Sonya, Gormek, Kashrek, Merlin, Li Xiu (Chao)
Sonya, Melendor, Gormek, Merlin, Li Xiu (Chao)
Caedmon, Gormek, Li Xiu, Merlin, Kiril

Considering you have some heroes leveled to 3/60 already, I would suggest you to work towards this defense team:

Right now:

Sonya, Little John, Gormek, Rigard, Chao

Just as @King_Nothing said I would also replace Little John for your defense team. Caedmon or Kashrek will be awesome replacements. Since you will want to keep Wu Kong for titans/events, you might want to stick to Chao also for now instead of leveling a fresh Li Xiu. I do this myself. He’s not bad and useful for events as well.

Sonya, Caedmon (start leveling), Gormek, Rigard, Chao


Sonya, Gormek, Kashrek (start leveling), Rigard, Chao

I am someone who stacks colors against the enemy tank. I will always go into a fight with a setup, such as: 2-2-1 or 3-1-1. Taking this in mind I will write more now.

The heroes who will really rock, and which I would upgrade if you want to focus on raid attack, are:
Kiril, Grimm, Caedmon and Merlin. I would also upgrade Scarlett. Wu Kong is awesome, but his gambling stance is unreliable. I would favor Chao or Li Xiu, but you’ll want to upgrade Wu Kong for other aspects anyway.

This way you will have 2 reds (Gormek/Scarlett), 2 yellows (Chao and Wu Kong), 3 blues (Kiril, Grimm, Sonya), 2 purples (Merlin and Rigard) and 2 greens (Little John and Caedmon).

A rainbow attack team you can aim for could be:
Kiril, Gormek, Caedmon, Merlin and Chao

A rainbow attack team you can use more quickly could be:
Gormek, Sonya, Caedmon, Rigard and Chao


I repeat: “However one solid team will not excel in all aspects of the game.”

Wu kong - without doubt, start to upgrade him. I would leave Chao at 3/60 for now. Unless you have enough materials to ascend both, I would ascend Wu Kong first. If you have enough, you might want to ascend Chao and bring him somewhere to 4/30 - 4/50 before working on Wu Kong. That way you can have overall a better rainbow team for events and quests. It should not take more than a few days.

We all agreed that you should replace Little John with either Kashrek or Caedmon.
Caedmon - can be used for everything, so I would choose him.

I would continue to upgrade Gormek and Sonya, but you can also choose to upgrade Kiril instead of Sonya.

Same counts for Rigard vs Merlin. If you have enough materials, I would definitely ascend Rigard first. Just for a steady rainbow team first. Next in line will definitely be Merlin though.

This leaves you with the focus on:
Wu Kong (& Chao), Caedmon, Gormek, Sonya (& Kiril), Rigard (& Merlin)

Titan team:
Adjust to the color of the titan, but include Wu Kong / Gormek / Kiril when possible. Same basically counts for raid attack teams.

Defense teams:
Sonya, Caedmon, Gormek, Rigard, Chao
Caedmon, Kiril, Gormek, Merlin, Chao

Rainbow attack teams for quests and events:
Same as defense teams, but you can replace Chao with Wu Kong

There are more ways to build up your team, but this is how I would approach it. Hope it gives you some more insights on top of those which have been given in this thread already!


Not beeing funny i found melendor much more usefull then kashrek i did reached dimond league with him in my line up …
Your team is quite decent for platinum league , eazyle … Richard , Sonya, Lil john , Chao,and maibe add another sniper to impruve Kelile witch has been buffed ,
,All of this heroes you have in your inventory will come in handy in the future ,as a lil mention dont bother with Colen since you have Azlar.

Great. I don’t have either of them and just base the advice on my personal experience when playing against these heroes.

It all depends on what route Dagger wants to go. If you have Sonya and Caedmon in your bench, you don’t necessarily ‘‘need’’ Melendor since their special attacks party overlap. But Melendor is a great healer. Dagger could choose to level up him instead of Caedmon and Kashrek and feature Gormek as tank. Something as:

Sonya, Melendor, Gormek, Merlin/Rigard, Chao

But again, I would favor leveling Caedmon first if I had to decide for myself. This is because Rigard is already leveled and Dagger doesn’t necessarily need another healer for now. In the end…they are all very useful and once ascended a wonderful bench to choose from!

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What team did you use in diamond league? Maybe it gives more insights for Dagger’s future plans.

First time i reached diamond league was : Melendor,Delilah,Sonya,Azlar,Obakan, but to be onest back then you would not find so many Guins and Gravemakers … the best way to go there si to 3 coulur stack and …you can do that with 4* heroes , an option could be just for ofensive raids :Kiril ,GriM,Sonya,Caedmon,Kellie, indeed lucky bord is a factor but if you play smart you can do it :slight_smile: , doesent realy mather witch you would find as tank, for example atm i m using ,Kiril/Magni/Alasie/Delilah/Obakan And i beat up guins and graves most of the time , i found it harder when i m mached up with guin grave and alby , that is a very nasty trio :)). Oh and bwy Alasie is 3/70

It is a great piece of advice to stack colors against the stronger tanks in-game. Guin for example. This thread is devoted to bringing down a Guin tank: Beating Guinevere?.

One of the reasons I suggested multiple heroes for his/her (Dagger) attack team. Once you master to manipulate the board in a way your tiles will be positioned correctly in more than half of the times, it is true that it is less relevant which tank you are up against. On average I win a lot more than I lose (Platinum) which shows me the boards are random and it actually works. I even usually use a 3* or two 3* since my 4* bench is not big yet. There are some exceptional Tanks which need to be payed attention to though.

You have a nice team with Kiril, Magni, Alasi and Delilah. I am jealous. :slight_smile:

@Dagger for your future plans, as you can read, it’s possible to reach Diamond league in raids by using some of your available heroes.


I made a video so you can make an idee how you can beat up guin and gm or alby , the last 2 fights are top players


Kiril and Wu Kong are priority


wow, so much great info. I thank you all for your detailed inputs, really appreciated!!!

What you guys thoughts on the new S2 heroes? I got the gems for a 10 pull, should I give it shot at Atlantis Summon x10 ?

There are many worthy heroes but I presonally I’m waiting for my dream team’s HOTM to make the pull :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response!

Another question: what do I do with multi copies of Wu Kong (I have 3 of them)? Keep or feed?

Keep them until you don’t need them anymore.
Have you already better heroes for your 6 war attacks?

No I don’t think so; ok I will keep them for the war; thanks much!

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6 * green dragon Titan. Grave maker 3/70 Guardian Falcon 3/50 bold tusk 4/70 WU 4/70 and Melendor . Is there and order or fire like melendor goes then Wu and all reds and how do I set team up left-right

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