Newbie question: Want to level up 4* team - All suggestions welcome!

Attached is my current roster. Drawing Onatel was great, but she’s a long ways from being useful. I can’t seem to get the ascension materials to max out Triton or Li Xiu and most of my other 4*s are pretty empty.

Should some 3s be fed to the 4s (or other 3s), or save them for future use?

Given that I don’t want to spend $$$ more than I already have (way more than planned on) what suggestions does anybody have on making the most of this group of heroes.

I play throughout the day (and night) and use up all energies as soon as I get them and am able to.

Many thanks in advance!

Don’t feed your 3* away right now. You need 30 heros for war. I’d work on Melendor or Sabina as a healer for your main line up. Either are healers with a deep heal.
I’d leave Onatel alone right now and work on your Wu. She’s going to take forever to level and Wu will be useful for titans and be able to level faster.
In my opinion, your best bet would probably to work on Melendor first as a healer and work on Gormek to replace Hawkmoon and Tibs to replace Tyrum. That would give you a decent rainbow 4* starting lineup.


backpacks and swords is your friend. Keep the 3* they are useful for epic events and can also be used in war. I use my 3*'s to “clean up” when some of the bigger players in our alliance leave one or two heroes left. Lots of ghosting can be very effective. Good luck and have fun.

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Thanks for all that! I really wish I waited to start leveling up Buddy (drew him before Melendor). Hawkmoon has been great, but she get’s targeted so often and without her, raids and later monster stages are very hard to survive without blowing through all my battle items.

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I keep going back for packs and swords for training. Wish I could find a secret stash of them. Lots of different items I used to have many of, now get used up for better battle item crafting. Slim pickin’s these days. Progress has slowed to a crawl through the provinces.

If you are using a ton of battle items to get through new levels I’d suggest that you go back to farming other levels that you’ve already beat and can do without using items.
Get your team total power up higher and then go back to trying to get further in the map.

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That’s what I’ve been doing lately. The game is so addicting that I get a bit too eager to progress through new stages.


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The game is super addicting! I jump between looking on the forums about the game while I’m waiting on flags to fill and then back to the game!

Level 8.7 is good for getting recruits and other items per world energy used. You usually get a fair amount of packs and swords, but switching to 5.8 sometimes helps.
Keep up the good work!

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Thanks! Heading back for some Auto fighting now! :wink:

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