Newbie here - Help with which heroes to level up?

Hi all!

New player and I am a bit lost around which heroes to level up and which ones to use to feed. Generally I know 1* and 2* are feeders. But since I just started playing I have been relying on 2 - 2s (Jenneh and Layla) along with Bane (3), Ulmer (3*) and Jahangir (3*) as both my attack and defense squad. So I began leveling these 5. For the most part they’ve served me well but I am getting to the point where I can’t progress much (I am on mission Province 10-5 and played it a couple times and got royally creamed.) :expressionless: So I figured let me sit down for a minute, level these guys up more, and try for additional heroes. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I recently acquired Kashhrek (4*) and also did a summon and got 10 additional heroes. Plus I have some 1* heroes from TC4 that keep rolling out as feeders.

I am attaching pictures of what I have and asking for any input. I know to hold onto all 4s. And hold onto most 3s to (except for duplicates right?). I also have 1 red Max Level Trainer and have ZERO idea what to do with him :thinking: And somehow I got a Level 2, 1Sharan - no idea how. I assume I should hold onto her ( I tried to feed her once to Jahangir but the game was like “are you really sure you want to do that” - and since I wasn’t sure I backed out of it. But I’m really not sure why I shouldn’t feed that Level 2, 1Sharan to someone. :thinking:

I do have a warm spot for Jenneh and Layla as they’ve been amazing troopers for me. But I am definitely willing to feed them to a higher level in their color family if it makes sense.

Can you guys give any advice? Note that I am briskly building training camps, iron storage, iron mines, etc. based on all the great info I’ve found reading lots of threads on here - right now its more so, what should I do next in terms of hero consolidation given what I have to work with.

I would focus on Sabina-Scarlett-Melendor-Ulmer-Bane.

If you run into a wall for ascension items for the 4*, you can switch to Balthazar for dark, Kashhrek for green, and Namahage for red.

Sabina and Melendor will really help you in almost every aspect of the game for a long time. Scarlett has great offensive power, and Ulmer’s debuff all can be very useful for progressing through quests and on the map. I’d favor Ulmer over Valen in your case since Scarlett hits more than one opponent and Valen only debuffs one opponent. Bane is a solid 3* sniper plus blind.

Some heroes I would keep duplicates of, as this can be useful at times. For now, I’d keep all your 3* since you are just at the beginning stages of the game. You’ll need 30 heroes to use in Alliance Wars, and having unlevelled 3*s is better than running all feeders! You may need to buy more hero slots at some point to store your heroes :). I don’t really care for the Friar and Jahangir, but keep them for now for wars.


Sabina , Scarlett , Melendor , Bane and Valen would be a pretty solid team for the start. I would rather level Melendor over Kashhrek for now as he is only useful in raid defense

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Leveling 3* is easier and faster than 4*, 4* needs non farmable ascension materials. So you could consider getting up a rainbow 3* team, then work on your 4* afterwards.

Feeding same color gives more xp, so you could try
Red: Namahage, Scarlett
Green: Melendor, Kashrek - I don’t like Friar Truck, Belith would work better
Purple: vlad, Sabina
Blue: Valen, Ulmer
Yellow: Bane

Farm 8.7 for recuits and food and keep your training camps running all the time.


Hi SilverDragonR, just to clarify, so do you mean keep all of the heroes you mentioned and just level them up? Or something else?


I just leveled up a few heroes and just fought a revenge on a raid done to me with the following heroes (in this order):

Sabina (now Level 6); Scarlett (now Level 3); Melendor (now Level 10) Ulmer (still Level 23); Bane (now Level 27)

and got decimated. :laughing:

Then refought it with:

Sabina (now Level 6); Scarlett (now Level 3); Kashhrek (still Level 9) Ulmer (still Level 23); Bane (now Level 27)

and won with only Kashhrek left standing. I guess Kashhrek really is a tank!

Unless I just don’t know what I’m doing, lol.

I’d run Kashrek over Melendor. And with Sabina you still get the dispel on enemies. Melendor I find pretty flaky.

Edit: Kashrek is a great tank also for your defence team.


Keep and level the following heroes, in this order, until you get them to max or hit the ascension materials wall.

Red: Scarlett, Namahage, Jahangir
Blue: Ulmer, then Valen. Keep the second Valen in case you don’t get a better blue to work on by then.
Green: Kasshrek, Melendor, then Tuck if you don’t draw a better green.
Purple: Sabina, Vlad, Balthazar, Tyrum, second Vlad
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju. Second Gan Ju only if you don’t have a better yellow by then.

Everything else will become food eventually. If you are in an alliance that does wars, keep your best 30 heroes and feed your 2* only when you have a 3* to replace them. If not, you can feed them now.

As for new heroes you may draw, keep all 4 and 5* heroes, and all Atlantis, Seasonal, and Event heroes.
Keep and level the following trainable 3* heroes for Challenge Events, wars, and color stacking:

Red: Hawkmoon, Azar, Nashgar, Jahangir
Blue: Gunnar, Ulmer, Valen
Green: Belith, Brienne, Berden
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani

For your defense team, use Kasshrek as your tank. Ulmer on his left flank, Scarlett on his right flank. Sabina on the left wing and Bane on the right wing.



I don’t know what ascension materials (mats) do you have, but it usually takes some time to get them. Leveling 3* is quick and requires only easier to get mats. You can still use these few 3* for events, even after having more 4*.

Kashrek is often used in defense team as tank (hero in the middle).

You are on the right track with experimenting different combinations of your heroes, that helps a lot in learning to use them and finding your play style.

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Thank you all! I am having a ton of success with my new line up!

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