Newbie help

Started to play recently. can someone pls give me a good advice on building a raid and titan team? heres my hero pool

thank you very much.

Titan teams are depending on the color Titan, and asks for some diversity of same color heroes. For now I’d go with, Tiburtus, Sonya, Bane, Berden and Hawkmoon.

As for you Defense team, go for Kailani, Sonya, Tiburtus, Kiril and Bane.
Of course you need to level all of these heroes, but I should focus on those for now. And level up Balthazar on the side if you have the time/folders.

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close to what i imagine thx. what about chao and bane? their skills seems like same. chao has a 2nd effect and hes a 4 star. so shud i work on him too?

You should definitely work on Chao. But later… for now and the level you’re on Bane and Kailani should get the attention. You probably don’t get the materials to max Chao before Bane and Kailani are full.


Good advice from @TheChef. Build a solid 3* team, fully leveled. I would consider initial focus on Balthazar and Ulmer, then work on 4* replacements (Tibertus and Sonya), which take a LOT more feeders, food, and 6 rare ascension items (items you can’t forage for in the world map): a compass, fine gloves, and 4 color-specific items.

Also, once you have a good 3* team, keep it! There are monthly challenge events with three tiers. The Beginner tier caps heroes at 3* and troops at 2*. I fed my starter set to my 4*s, and I’m having to go back and rebuild those to compete, PITA.

For titans, ideally you would have two of each color available, so you can take out the weak color and double the strong color.

You’ll want to do some elemental summons to get a 4* red and 4* green. But you have a very good bench at this point. Start leveling them up!


tyvm i appriciate…

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