Newbie Defense Team Setup. Help please


If anyone could assist me with my defense team setup I would really appreciate it. I have:

Scarlett 3/60
Bane 3/50 (plus 6 nodes)
Valen 3/50
Isshtak 3/20
Ulmer 3/19
Tyrum 3/7
Friar Tuck 2/40
Kailani 2/1
Balthazar 2/1
Dawa 1/12
Azar 1/1
Hawkmoon 1/1
Belith 1/1

I’m currently prioritizing leveling according to the next class quest but would also appreciate advice around who to focus on leveling for my defense team and who I need to be on the look out for. Just got my T13.

You need healers, Belith and Hawkmoon, max them both.
I like Kailani, her skill is very helpfull (she can help you much in class missions)
Baltazzar and Tyrum, two good hitters
I like Ulmer too, he is like little Isarnia

These your heroes to leveling for now
Belith, Hawkmoon, Kailani, Baltazzar, Ulmer
Use green 1* and 2* for Belith
Red for Hawkmoon, yellow for Kailani etc.

For now your best defence IMO will be:

When you ascend more heroes:

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Thanks for the advice Radar1!

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