Newb question- Season 1 Map and 1600 Team Power

Ive been playing for 10 days, slowly progressing through the provinces, until I got to the last 2 levels of prv 12 and all of 13, making it to the boss took a lot of luck /tries and killing the boss takes 3-6 potions. I usually limit myself to 1.

My team power is 1600 is this too low to beat these levels fairly?

In my opinion, when you hit a wall progressing through the provinces, just back off and repeat some of the lower ones until you’re stronger. Trying to keep pushing, and not succeeding is wasting your time and your lives.

I like doing 8.7 for recruits so I can train and grown stronger.

After a few weeks, or maybe less, test the waters again. There is no need to rush through the map.

In the meantime, check out all the great tips available on the forum. Here is one to start you off


Edit due to tunnel interruption:

Season 1

Personally I never went higher than Season 1, Province 8, Stage 7 ( 1.8-7 ) until Season 2 was released. Unlike Season 2 Atlantis coins, there are no gems, or tokens, for completing each stage.

When Season 2 came out, I finished Season 1. By then I had 3x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams, 1x really really good rainbow 4* 4.70 team ( the original Wu Kong Cascade squad ) a Level 17 Forge and lots of 3* / 4* ingredients.

So completing Season 1 is not a high priority in the game.

Though Season 1, Province 12, Stage 9 ( 1.12-9 ) is useful I mostly still do 1.7-4 for most monster kills, 1.7-7 for quick completion, 1.8-7 when I need recruits.


You will repeat 8-7 a lot in all your empires and puzzle life.

You can already start to practice :face_with_monocle:


I 100% endorse this advice. I’m not so far removed from being where you are, and I can remember hitting a few walls in Season 1 and having to grind levels for a few days/weeks. Fill monster and raid chests, keep those training camps pumping out 1-and 2-stars to level your best available heroes, and gain XP/levels for a bit. I usually found that, after about a week or two max (this was when I was in the 20-something provinces), the wall I hit was almost easy when I attempted it again.

I know those shiny tokens for completing season 1 look very enticing where you are right now. Epic hero tokens make you salivate at that point. But you will probably need a reliable squad of four-stars to beat the Dark Lord, and by then, the return on investment for those tokens is going to be seriously diminished. I pulled a Dawa with my epic hero token after defeating the Dark Lord. Major disappointment, since I was already running Kelile, Danzaburo, Sabina, Melendor, and Gormek (couldn’t pull a four-star blue to save my life back then). Still, the feeling of progress is nice; I wouldn’t have had the patience to just farm 8-7 endlessly like @Gryphonknight. To me, it always gave me a sense of how well I was progressing with my team development.

Enjoy the game, and check back often. There’s a wealth of knowledge on these boards.


]Better question in 12-7 to 13-4 getting to the boss round isn’t that tough, but the bosses are able to kill my heroes with 2 strikes. I only have a chance of winning if all 5 heroes make it to the last round with full health… its been very challenging relying on lucky boards to get the heals up in time. Does this mean Im under powered or is this how these levels are meant to be.

Like I said I’ve only been playing 10 days, 11 now. I didn’t know there were any prizes for finishing season 1. I’m at level 17 stronghold just reached lvl 10,

I want the levels to be challenging without being a nightmare. At fist I was beating the levels too fast then not at all. For the past week I use ~12-16WE on new levels, ~50-60 WE farming mostly 9-1), every every goes up a few levels every day. My goal is to bean 1 level a day minimum 2 levels maximum (so I dont burn myself out on this game)

That would not be especially unusual for that point in the game, no. If you get a hero with the spirit link special - Gunnar or Kailani - it can help mitigate that, but eventually, as you level your heroes, this will get better. More HP and defense will remedy this, as well as being able to kill the bosses faster.

I’m now playing with a 3500+ team power team, and there are still bosses in Atlantis hard mode that can probably do that to my heroes (all 4s except one 5 star who is not maxed).


I agree that 8-7 is a good stage to grind, probably one of the best for a long time.

Team power is kinda low… do you have a full team of 3 stars yet?

My suggestion is to clear your wanted chests as much as possible, get in a good alliance too that is active and kills titans consistently to fill the titan chest too. Save up all the gems you get until you can do elemental summon (at least on pull) for the color that you’re missing a 3* for (if you’re lucky, you get a 4 or 5 star!).

Your stronghold is very important to progressing through the campaign; more stuff that you have available at your base, the more resources you’ll have to make your heroes stronger. I recommend focusing on getting it to level 11, since you’ll get a third training camp then, and unlock a key training level too. Level 11 provides extra cheap training, run it as much as you can, preferably overnight or when you know you’ll be away from the game for a bit. Use all the heroes that come from there to train your main team.

Your next stronghold level to aim for is 12, that will let you get training camp level 12 for guaranteed 3 stars. After that it’s level 13, for guaranteed 3 stars with a chance of 4 stars. Have the latter running as much as possible.

Personally I found that you can reliably clear up to province 17 (give or take) with two or three solid teams of fully leveled 3 star heroes. It is possible to clear the whole campaign with them too, but it requires color-stacking for the last provinces (meaning using multiple heroes of the same colors), some good item use, and luck with boards. Although emblems are now a thing since I cleared season 1, so I’m sure it’s more viable to go with solo 3 stars now.


Turns out its just those 4 levels, Ive beaten 5+ levels after with ease, still cant beat those on most tries

Sniper and Splash Damage

Many of those Bosses are snipers or splash damage ( see Notes ) so tough for low defense stat and low HP heroes.

Defense heroes

Blue 3* Gunnar is interesting. His defense stat is actually better than a popular blue 4* hero Grimm ( though Grimm makes up for it by having a low 5* hero attack stat).

I found using two healers, of different colors, on my team helps a lot on map levels. Green 3* Belith ( decent defense for a 3* Healer ) and Red 3* Hawkmoon ( decent attack stat for a 3* Healer ) are the 3* Healers with the most utility.

4* 3.60 > 3* 3.50 ( see Notes for Jargon)

When you unlock Legendary training, on average, you can get a 4* hero every ten day.

Additional there are more 4* healers ( no yellow).


Splash damage

([Primer] Why do none of the special skills do the same amount of damage or Best uses of All, Nearby, Splash & Single target damage)