New year gift


As a gift for all your customers, and as a good luck for a very special 2018, gives the possibility to buy a single heroes among all the heroes that we seen.
Only one.

State your price.



I’m an economist, so allow me to geek out here. suppose SG puts up a fixed number of each hero for sale in an auction market—think eBay. E.g. ten of each past HOTM and event 5*, 25 of each regular 5*, etc. let the bidding begin, with a one-per-customer limit.

Your idea is much easier to code, but we’d suddenly see a huge influx of the most coveted heroes.


This is why i say only one.
I know it’s merely a dream, but i like to dream.


If they do this, they’ll get lots of backlash from F2P players. I don’t think it’s a good idea (even though I’m not F2P)…


Backlash would be from the paying players too actually.

Bunch of money spent on statistically small chances, and then suddenly they’re guaranteed? Pretty much nobody would buy on the random chance again.


But how many would wait for the once-a-year buy-one hero sale?


Yeah, thats what i mean.
It’s just a once a year offer, and all of us have at least 1 hero that we want, so it’s equal.

As i say it’s “a gift”, not a permanent offer.


i would pay 5 dollars to get one special hero thats in Canadian money


Most or they’d just quit spending money altogether in protest, if not the game.

Changing course would be problematic, and given the prevalence of social media such a thing would be seen far and wide. Similar rationale as the old Gigantic offer which was such a PR CF.

Slightly different audience this time, but similar rationale. Once you establish the general rules, need to keep them.


That’s fair. One could wish…

And to @Starhunter67, my guess is that the fair market value of a pick-your-own 5* would be closer to US$250. And that’s where you’d get the howling and player disaffection kicking in.


Yeah, I’d say you’d have to go at least $100 on a straight HOTM buy given that people spend that amount on gems to never get a HOTM.