💥 New Year 2020 Sneak Peek Discussion!

Wait a few weeks…

…and in a few weeks I’ll tell you to wait a few weeks again. :wink:

I’d be somewhat surprised to see an early January release, unless they aren’t really going to Beta test Season 3 PVE content at all, or are only going to do so once, for like a week.


Oh man, as much as I’d love being part of beta, I already spend way too long on this game and the boards here. Sign me up to beta and my wife kicks me out of the house in no time. :sweat_smile:


Lol - I hear you, I signed up because I am disabled and my wife is out a lot so I have plenty of time just not much expertise but they need all levels I would imagine - if it is too techy then I will opt out that’s assuming I ever get selected. Have a great weekend, will be watching Notre Dame and fighting a war in game so I will get confused for sure, :grinning::grinning::ok_hand::ok_hand:

From the first sneak peek of season 2 to it’s release it was around 7 or 8 months so…
But this time it may be faster as season 3 heroes were already in beta, I don’t know if it was the same with season 2.

This go around is predicted to be faster

S2 was probly a lot more work as it was almost a whole new system compared to s1

Whereas now, they can probly use s2 as a big foundation for building season 3

I actually expect them to be pretty close to identical in all honesty due to how fast production is going and how little beta testing is goin

If i recall correctly there was a lot of beta for s2 and it included everything from the way summons work to the different perks of the s2 map etc etc

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I think that’s probably true, as a lot of things about having more than one Season were already handled.

They’ve also been working on Season 3 for at least 9 months already. Tim talked about it during the March 2019 AMA, and said they had started working on it.


Half cooked thought


I don’t know why, but i feel like season 3 summon portal will have a bonus chest giving emblems.

I bet 10 bucks on this.


There might have been a lot of Beta for S2 but they decreased the Xp/flag and items/flag. Given the increased difficulty those ratios should have gone up. I hope the developers keep in mind the difficulty and the failure rate when the code for rewards. Also to be at that level I expect, Silver hero token are almost and insult. ETT’s, 5+ emblems, higher Atlantis coins, more liberal use of trainers and hunt lodge items or at least the raw materials should be part of the reward for working S3.

If you weren’t happy with 12 ascension mats, a bunch of free summons, new avatars, and now Atlantis rising that is better than s1 farming…i highly doubt you’ll like anything about any future season that is released

Sounds like if they reward you anything short of a Ferrari, free puppy, $250k weekly allowance, and lifetime snicker bars you won’t be satisfied


S2 normal have better ratio than S1
S2 hard have better ratio than S2 normal

During AR, S2 normal loot is better than S2 hard loot. However S2 hard still have better seadragon ratio. Based on my data, hard have +33% seadragon/flag ratio compared to normal.

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It does sound like I’m greedy and I agree the absolute amount of the loot is more with the S2’s but there is decrease ROI(return on investment). (Barry Farm Here) When you divide the amt of loot by the number of flags(lives) used they are less in both versions of S2 especially when compared to the Prov 22 aND 23. It’s like having two bank accounts. One with $1000 but pay 1% interest and another with $500 but pay 2%. Which is the better investment?

My other grumble is reward for the risk. SG has us on a parabolic step function for leveling hers but have us an flat to decreasing linear curve for loot reward.

By the way rigs a life supply of snickers is a great idea


depends on what you are after. Barry’s list is already sorted by item per WE spent. Some things are better per WE in S1, some in S2 and in S2 you get overall better loot.

I don’t know how you read that data but I also happen to use @BarryWuzHere data as well.

When you look at the data, make sure to see the raw data. @BarryWuzHere include the number of trials/runs for each province-stage. Some of them only have small number of runs which is statistically not enough to make a conclusion, especially in the latter provinces.

There are a lot of heroes for summer and winter. Spring and Halloween should have more heroes. Like maybe for spring a hero like Ostara or Persephone. Goddesses of spring. For Halloween event maybe a better version of graymane or a mummy or zombie hero.


Have a look at the sneak peak for 2020:


  • Hero Academy: We know you have been eagerly anticipating this, and we are sorry for the delay. Stronghold levels 24 and 25 as well as the Hero Academy will be added to the game during 2020.
  • Bigger Seasonal Events: All Seasonal Events will be updated to include new heroes and rewards. More information coming later in 2020!
  • Awesome new ways to play with your Alliance members
  • And much more…so stay tuned!

:triangular_flag_on_post: for possible merger to the Discussion thread?


I’m still very interested, what this does mean…

Absolutely no idea!

There have been a number of suggestions on the thread ranging from joint quests based on item/ resource collection to practice battles with allies to trading etc…

I have an idea! Donate 4 star AM and gems to the alliance for 50 alkashards every week!

from where would you wanna know? i really hope this is not gonna happen… i dont even have alkashards

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