💥 New Year 2020 Sneak Peek Discussion!

I’m curious, what makes you so sure? Have they made a statement that they wouldn’t do so, or do you just think it would be a bad enough idea that they won’t do it? If so, why not?

Because it is not possible. Could be, but the entire game should be redesigned. All game mechanics. The heroes (for balancing elements). And this is pretty obvious won’t happen.


Maybe not a new element with corresponding heroes, but possibly new tiles with certain features only for S3 like the ice blocks or pumpkin bombs just to increase the challenge factor.


Thanks mate, that’s what I wanted to know =)
I’d rate the new element as “highly unlikely”…


Likes others, I feel the chance that a brown element is being added to the game as a new tile is ~0%.

Family has been posited a few times and I think this is a very reasonable guess, perhaps even more so as the cards we have sneak peaks of conspicuously list nothing for the family so far.

One other theory I’d like to put forth is that the icons are some sort of resource you can accrue. My supporting case would go something like, 'we’re seeing new types and ways of accumulating and holding resources (Costume Keys, a number of new elements from the Paths of Valor). The question would then be what these can be redeemed for.

What I’m really hoping is that they’re some sort of shard-like system wherein you can get heroes of a certain element (brown = mystery or perhaps a wild card?). What I’m really NOT hoping is that they allow you to ascend a hero to God-like status (whether that’s de facto or actual six star status / , a fifth ascension level).


If the number is anything relevant to alkashards with similar costs/time to obtain, they can just toss that idea in the trash right now and spend their time elsewhere

I liked the idea of shards originally but after seeing their 1st approach to it already…they really can’t take a “good idea” and implement it without completely monetizing it down to a “bad idea”


I initially thought brown = earth = element and so thought we’ll have a sixth colour, but yeah after a moment’s thought realised the chance would be ~0% too.

Wonder if these will be “shards” used in Hero Academy? The glyphs on them are just too similar to the existing elements to not be somehow related (with Earth being a wildcard like you guessed, Ivy) and therefore be used in some system related to elements.

But as they look very Nordic (glyph carved on stone), hard not to also think it relates to S3 only haha.

Whatever they are, as I’m a glass half-full person when it comes to unknowns I’m super excited by what is coming in 2020!


I immediately thought about how great it would be to have inner-alliance sparring, no loot, just practice. A teammate asks, “What do you think about this defense?” Let me try it a few times and tell ya happened. This would actually be awesome.

I have no hope, but it would be genius and lead to late night drunken challenges :rofl::rofl::rofl:


My guess is icons are the new pins to buy, they might represent 6 of 9 worlds in norse mythology, the brown “turd” might be Midgard aka Earth? Next Niffleheim the frozen realm, Muspelheim land of fire demons… The one with skull could be Hel, the kingdom of… what was her name… :wink:


My guess is those 6 icons will be more crafting materials.

We have been wishing for inner alliance sparring for over a year. I agree, many late nights! Also the ability to see team mates rosters would be nice. Especially as a leader. Helping the new players would be so much easier.
One other idea would be a mark of some sort that tells a leader/coleader if a player is opted in/out of wars, as well as if they are currently logged on.

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I can easily see the ability to view teammates rosters blowing things up in a big way rather quickly. For something like that to work, a player would need to allow that to happen, similar to opting into war.
I can envision many leaders and coleaders sucking the fun from the game by insisting on changes against a players wishes.



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Since they are adding new seasonal heroes, the summon rate needs to be looked at. Badly. I will re edit to add more in-depth thoughts later. In a bit of a rush rn.

The thing i am looking forward to the most is the new ways to play with alliance members.
Like some others mentioned it would be awesome to have some sort of training ground/ testing option for defenses/attack teams.
I really dont like the idea of beeing able to look at other peoples heroes unless they can allow/deny it but even then its a double edged sword cause i can see many alliances make it mandatory to let them view your roster before beeing able to join.
The seasonal event rework sounds nice but i agree that there might be some tweaking needed on the chance for seasonal heroes …especially if there are new heroes added.

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Agreed. I like the idea of a “mock war” where you can test defenses in different scenarios.

I’d also like to see alliance-wide challenges like the individual ones we will have in Path of Valor.

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Hopefully the next version will allow alliance members to trade/gift emblems, materials, etc… The game maker doesn’t lose much if they allow players more options and being creative, dollars to donuts it is a very long shot for maker to allow it but it has been asked for/demanded too many times to count! But we can always hope!!

Problem with this is that it would make it much more beneficial to steal accounts, buy accounts with mats then send to your main account etc. I am also pretty sure innocent trading of mats and emblems wouldn’t hurt (heroes is a different story) but there’s a lot of shady area that comes with it.

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Dear Bunny,

I am somewhat new to the community, my request is more of a wish list kind of thing.

I really, truly, am 100% with you on the security and protections of all players and Small Giant, I have little expertise in or on Technology but would like my wish item included in future releases, if not wouldn’t bother me as the playing field should and must be fair and level for ALL players no matter their skill ot power levels.

Obviously the most stringent coding that you so diligently and eloquently outlined must be included and adhered to.

If you have specific info that could help Small Giant towards my wish then by all means please let them know.

Thanks so much for your input, glad to know at least someone read it.

By the way have you applied to be a Beta Tester because you sound like you would be ideal.

Tom Brady aka Tommy (in game).

I know nobody knows for sure, but maybe those who were around the 2019 sneak peak or Season 2 debut could give some insight…

I am really bad at hoarding gems, just overall way too impatient with hoarding - How early in 2020 do you think season 3 will come? If it’s the first few weeks in January, I think I can do it, but if it’s anything later, then I’m just going to try for Mother North a few more times. I don’t really need MN on my team, so waiting for shiny new S3 heroes would be ideal!

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