💥 New Year 2020 Sneak Peek Discussion!

Sif! Is! Beautiful! :heart_eyes:


I hope that Jarvur would be added to the avatar’s shop, he could replace my Wu Kong’s one :slight_smile:
I hope that “during the 2020” of HA and Stronghold wouldn’t be towards 2021…


New season HYPE! Thanks SG and Helpful Forum Moderators!
Good luck i hope you all get new shiny heros as soon as they pop up :slight_smile:


Let’s hope that f2p with 4* will be able to complete season 3. Ursena was hard but manageable. On the other hand it will be less entertaining for 5* owners.


“Awesome new ways to play with your Alliance members”

I’m mostly looking forward to this, can’t wait to see more details.



Can’t really get excited over any of this after the 2019 Sneak Peak and how much of that turned out. Had low expectations for much of that and was disappointed with how much failed to meet them.

The Alchemy Lab was a complete turd.

The Hero Academy didn’t arrive for which SG is so sorry they actively developing any other features they can think of before doing something about it.

Raid Tournaments which in the March AMA as being an exciting new source of AMs had it loot nerfed so that a more than a third of people that manage to get in the top 1% every week for a year still won’t see a 4* AM from it meanwhile the internal logic behind the tournament is totally broken and little effort has been made to fix it.

Costumes meant to revamp the Season 1 heroes have essentially become an excuse to hide rebalances behind an RNG based pay wall.

Classes were probably the best addition and yet having included Costumes in the same sneak peak as Classes that it is disappointing that when developing the Classes they had not given more thought to how Costumes would handle Classes. As such we have a horrible system of inheriting bad routes through skill trees from the underlying hero and a bunch of F2P and C2P players that still can’t spend their stack of emblems in class X because a number of classes have a major shortage in decent Classic or easily obtainable heroes.

So yeah whilst the game lurches from one half baked implementation to another half-baked implementation I can’t get that excited really. Frankly rather than see yet more heroes pumped out to jam into seasonal gates I’d be a whole lot more excited if they were to revisit and fix the underlying issues with Raid Tournaments.

Bah humbug… Anyway Merry Christmas y’all.


Brown tiles? Sixth element or some kind of omnitile?


All i understand from that is:

  1. Hero Academy would come AFTER season 3 (it clearly stated early 2020, while Hero Academy a generic “2020”, which i suspect is not early at all)

  2. If this is the Hero Academy sneak peek… it doesn’t say absolutely anything about it.

Wow, other new heroes.
I’m very surprised.

Sorry, 3/10.


Am really looking forward for these changes, and the addition for new seasonal heroes would make a difference even tho its still early for easter event and i hope really hope that the academy is a game changer and help with all the unused dups heroes

I believe it will be family same as season 2 and challenges


A few thoughts, in no particular order:

  1. I am very happy to see that SGG HQ will be shutting down for the holidays. We’re all people - although it seems occasionally hard to remember it - and I am glad that people’s real lives are being put first.

  2. Icons? I haven’t seen anything like those before. Maybe I missed it. If anyone has, please edify me. @Expired’s guess of something like families seems good. It looks similar to our existing elements with a mysterious new brown edition (weird sentence).

  3. The game is and will continue to be awash in new heroes. We now have a sneak peak of four new heroes (five if you don’t count Freya being spotted in an ad from another game). And some of the ones from the initial S3 poster still haven’t shown. For example, the electric wolf, though maybe that’s just Graymane’s costume after he ate costumed Quintus. Additionally, it is stated that new seasonal heroes will be added - hopefully some four stars.

  4. New ways to engage with the alliance: I hope so. This was brought up in the AMA quite a while ago and I haven’t seen anything further on it, though I think it’s a feature many are looking forward to.


As C2P, doing my summons mostly with EHT and coins, I’m glad to hear about new seasonal event heroes. I save my EHT from an event to the next one and these events are my best chance for new heroes. My two great hotm, Seshat and Kingston, were summoned with EHT :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m less glad about HA. They didn’t say approximately when this long awaited and promised f2p feature will come. My prediction is we’ll see HA in beta not earlier than 6 months from now… Their intentions are obvious; they will release S3 and Path of Valor first.


Great! So…

New season - I wonder what the new gameplay mods are. Really hoping it won’t be just mere nuances like special rules on the Atlantis. Very looking forward into that. All I want is more ways to use my heroes, not just play the same sets over and over again. New heroes… well, they are welcome, but especially those 4 stars among them which I hope are more than few. We already have too many 5 stars that only few will ever get and the problem with ascension mats so I don’t feel we need new 5s, though of course they will keep coming, question is how many is too many…

Path of Valor - can’t wait, I really like those little daily challenges, keeps game interesting.

New element! I wonder what that is. Just a tile, or entire new color of heroes? Will we get 6th slot fir hero in our fights? Too many ways to speculate but that will definitely be interesting…

Hero academy - I am as excited as scared with this feature, seeing how Lab was messed up… I hope this delivers what the community wants and needs.

Seasonal events - glad to see a refresh, but as for new heroes, see point 1. Event refresh was nice, this has to be also.

New ways to play with alliance - finally! This is what I am looking forward the most.

Kinda expected to see a point about Alchemy Lab redesign, but still hoping it’s included in “and much more” :wink:

Overall, interesting year ahead, I am not superhyped but hopeful and satisfied :slight_smile:


I was wrong,

We have a winner

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Wrong guess

The said icon, not tile.

The icon looks very Norse, so Season 3+ might get their own icons.

Might be some kind of faction mission.

“Defeat 300 Dark faction bosses to earn Heroic reputation with Holy faction”.



There, I fixed it for you.


I have not built Alchemy Lab and don’t intend to… I may build Hero Academy, if it is actually useful. But the thing that got my attention the most is the “Awesome new ways to play with your Alliance members.”

I will hold enthusiasm until these new updates are in place and kept in place (looking at you costume events).


This is what I’m dealing with on a daily basis holding all these (and some Atlantis 4s as well) just waiting for word on how the hero academy is going to work :sweat:


The new hero Mireweave… At first glance I thought it said Microwave… :rofl:


Definitely interested in path of valor and more ways to play with Alliance. The last being the most wanted by a lot of us. Having more things to do with alliance mates will definitely increase the fun factor.

Loved emblems, alchemy lab not so much, and moving the events to 15 was really well done.

Great job last year pushing so much content and addressing flaws early. Happy holidays and looking forward to 2020.



Hopefully PvE like hoard attack, or Alliance quests, not matchmaking like alliance war.

Lab redesign

Lab redesign


Looking forward to everything, especially the additional alliance love fests. Keep up the good work.