💥 New Year 2020 Sneak Peek Discussion!


The most recent announcement we got was this:

But nothing really specific on what that content will be.


It’s coming soon to the store.

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Any time soon?


SGG hasn’t provided any details in beta yet. If this is a new feature, it could be late 2020 as their is focus now on hero academy, alchemy lab, and seasonal events.


Lol we’ve given up hope

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To date it hasn’t appeared in Beta Testing (you can subscribe to #beta-beat where all new Beta Content is posted).

It also doesn’t appear to be part of the plans for V30 of Beta Testing (click here for a summary of what IS in V30 so far)… Maybe Version 31…?

Also worth pointing out some precedence in terms of the timeline of “sneak peak” features. There isn’t any guarantee tho that what was in the announcement will actually appear in game in 2020… I mean if you look at the Hero Academy, it was first “announced” in 2018… 500+ days later it appeared in Beta… So it could yet be another 500 days before it appears in game (Hopefully not tho…)
-> Teaser: New Year 2019 Sneak Peek!
-> Celebrating 500 days since Hero Academy first teased


Check back in 500 days.


Anyone remember this? Back then I as probably many others thought, that they will finally implement an option to fight alliance members. But it seems that they were talking about mythic titans… Which has been announced to enter beta at the end of this year. So I don’t really expect it to go live this year. Maybe SG should just stop doing sneak peeks…

It would be better to have more frequent updates from SG. There hasn’t been a published convo with the Mods and SG in a long while. The players ( IMHO) would rather hear more from the company and the direction

Hello. Has there been a 2021 sneak peek post?


Twenty community engagement failures.

They said it would come in January

The team only came back from leave (holidays) on the 4th and the 6th was a public holiday in Finland :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess they don’t prepare it beforehand…

Why does it matter if it comes out on the 8th, 10th or 15th (or whenever)? Not like it really makes much of a difference :stuck_out_tongue:


Because the sooner it comes out, the more we can gripe.

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A lot of it has already leaked: tons of new must-have heroes, tons of power creep, tons of new things for you to spend your money on.

Money money money. Don’t got any? You’re gonna lose.


I resume this because… why not?
Always interesting take a look on what happen in the past.

Maybe we will understand present better.

Just looking over old stuff, and I see the “bag of holding” item from Valor looks like it didn’t make it to live game. Was it in beta? Curious what that would be, possibly an ability to take more battle items in for a period of time?

Yes, you can read about it here:

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