--->>> New World Legends Looking for 2 members <<<---

Picture gives the brief overview of what we are looking for but doesn’t tell the story of our alliance. We are an international alliance with people from all over the world and yet we all have similar senses of humor, love to joke around and have fun but also take the game serious and are continually looking to improve

Take myself for example. I joined NWL just over 100 days ago as a 2975 team power as one of the weak links and knew not nearly what I know now but people here taught me and helped make me into someone that can now do the same for others.

If you like to have fun while also improving and helping others this is the right place for you!

Search New World Legends in game.

I am “LanDaestro Calrissian” in game.

2 more spots available, had some members have real life commitments and step down to our sister alliance.

Added 1 but had 2 step down to help with sister alliance. As of this morning we had 16/26 members in diamond status. Come join the fun and infinite Gan Jus!

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