New way to cooperate with players from alliance - Common Hunting! Please comment and vote

Hi all!
Actually there isn’t to many ways to cooperate between player in the same alliance. We, of course have wars, but player can do it on their own, and war can be won in this way.

I want to present You an idea to make a new opportunity to do something with allies.

Common hunting includes five phases:

  1. Invitation
  2. Choosing hero
  3. Sending
  4. Hunting
  5. Rewarding

As an alliance memeber player can create an invitation for Hunting. There are two possible ways to do it. First is create an invitation to wholeall alliance. Second way is to choose players form alliance You want to invite. Players, by cliking on the button in memeber list. Allies go to new screen, where they can see all possible invitations.

After choosing an invitation, there is a preparation phase. Player goes to screen where he can choose a hero. And there is a very important thing - a Hunting Team must be made of 5 players! Each player chooses only one hero for Hunting Team. Heroes should be specially locked - I mean there would be no possibility to choose two same heroes of different player. Also there must be a block lock to create a Hunting Team with only 5* heroes. The best way I think is to make a requirement to use the scheme:
→ max 1 hero 5*
→ max 2 heroes 4*
→ any amonut of 1-3* heroes

Phase 3 - SENDING
Each player, after choosing a hero to Hunting Team must click on a button “Ready”. When everybody does it, the Hunting starts.
There’s one important thing - time of Hunting.
Player, which makes an invitation is choosing a time of Hunting.
It’s discussive but I’m proposing 1d, 2d or 3d.

Phase 4 - HUNTING
While created team hunts, hereoes used to create a team, are disabled - it means they can’t be chosen for any kind of action - they can’t be set as a defense team, they can’t be upgraded or take part in war or raids. They are out of base.

After the time of Hunting goes to zero, Hunting ends and EVERY player receives the same reward. Rewards are different and depends on time of hunting - longer hunting GIVES MORE CHANCE to get rare items.
I propose three kind of events during hunting.

  1. Possible fights with small monster (60%)
  2. Possible fight with another team (28%)
  3. Possible end of Hunting without fighting (2%)
    Both fight opportunities are done by automatic fight.
    In case of small monster players just fight with mini titan.
    There is also chance to meet another team during Hunting. The fight goes autmatically, and winner team has stronger chance to receive rare ascention matierlas.

Ok, so what team might receive as a reward?
→ After hunting every hero receives expierience (like it would be upgraded as training with other heroes). Let it receive ex. 2000 expierience points.
→ There is a chance to receive ascention materials needed to upgrade heroes. Ex. if hero needs some Compasses to be upgraded, there is a bigger CHANCE to get Compasses.
Because there are five heroes in a team with different ascention materials, there should be random to choose possible ascention materials. If there are heroes with the same needed ascention materials, there is bigger chance to get this material because chances cumulate.
Also one important thing - if hero can’t be upgraded more, there’s no chance to get ascention materials for it. (ex. to aviod “gloves hunters”)
→ No food and no iron - Leaving (sometimes a valuable hero) for few days, sholudn’t be rewarded as an amount of resources that can be produced in a base during his absence;
→ Possible chance to get gems
→ Possible chance to receive heroes
→ Possibe chance to get recruits
→ Possible chance to get battle items
→ Possible epic hero/troop tokens
→ Possible chance to get Atlantis coins

That’s all about mechanics of Hunting.

I have an idea for additional features:

  1. Heroes can bring battle items for Hunting - only one,and every player needs to get different item.
  2. There sholud be a possibility to buy in a SHOP additional slots for Hunting. Basically every player has only ONE slot for Hunting.
  3. Every player can use one troop for Hunting - but it works the same as a heroes - troop is out of base and it shouldn’t be used in raids or war.

Comment and vote if You like it. I’m also opened for additional ideas to make Hunting better :wink: