New war team up brainstorm

How about this?

When we are 1 year further, most people that play now will have a perfect 5* defence. And a deep formation of strong heroes. The proposal is based on facts that real armies don’t fight with just generals or just navy seals.

What about next proposal?

  • You may use max 4 full expanded 5* in your defence team, the fifth must be a tier 3 or a 4* hero
  • You have an attack team of 10 heroes. 5 5stars and 5 4 stars . In prep fase you may select them. If you already once have selected your attack team, it will be restored every war until you change again.
  • As you typically need 30 heroes, when a hero has been used 3 tmes it will be deleted. lowering your choices.

I think this could change war to a better way. What are your opinions on this?

This topic is meant to brainstorm, the idea is just a suggestion now. Maybe we can work this out to a useable new idea which can be put in ideas :smiley:

My thoughts on both ideas - neither seeming positive to me.

Defenders already are at a disadvantage, with the attacker being able to pick their offense to match and no regeneration of health between battles. I can’t see deliberately crippling the defense to be a wise move. If someone has a full set of 5* defenders they should be competing against people with the offense team power to match.

Several points on the second proposal.

  • Greatly restricting the number of attack heroes in advance goes against the interests of the developers, in that it discourages the attempt to gain and level more new heroes, hopefully by means that involves buying gems.
  • It also penalises and discourages people who have already built deeper benches by making all that effort meaningless.
  • Finally it completely kills any remaining chance of the lower strength players against longer term opponents - right now they only have to face an opposing team’s top heroes once - this proposal would have them getting annihilated by having to face them three times.

I agree with @Paulon that this proposal goes in the wrong direction – it uses fewer heroes, rather than more.

The long-term problem you point out is a very real one. We’ll never get to the “every player has perfect defenses” for many reasons, principally that there are new players joining every day. But we are seeing more and more players with better and better teams. SG had to add 11* and 12* titans, because many alliances were easily knocking down every 10*, quickly. Wars could get to the same point and become less interesting.

The best idea I’ve seen so far to keep things spicy in wars is to have a series of defenses: once the first defense is down, the second defensive squad replaces it at the next spawn. Etc. So you may have a great all 5* lineup, but once that’s down, you’ll have to hope your backup teams hold the line.

The biggest problem with this idea is that, while it would work great for the top 500 alliances, it would really hurt alliances without deep benches. Tough to solve one problem without causing another.

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Would points earned change with the defense or stay the same?

We need tiers to have all the tough guys fight each other, and those with training wheels not be forced to get annihilated and demoralized twice a week fighting far above their weight class.


Would it then be better if HP’s of all heroes from an allience (first 30 count per team) would be added together?
Off course a team with 5 4-80 and for the rest 25 1-1 would get in troube.

A 10 team allie of 30.000 hp each would then total 300.000 hp and would get a team 300.000 +/- 5.000.

Do you mean this @rook ?

Good question. Points would probably have to be reassigned in each tier, but I can see some issues with that if you have tough 1st-round defenses worth less than easier 2nd-round defenses, while both are still up.

Well yes and no:

  • A baby 4* (1^1) Sonya = 330 power
  • A max 3* (3^50) Valen = 429 power
  • A midway (2^44) Thorne = 480 power

Valen hits harder on tile dmg (479 Atk vs Sonya’s 286 Atk).

Thorne hits 344 Atk on tile dmg; still less than Valen! But he’ll live longer…

So straight measuring across team power doesn’t give you the subtleties of Atk, def, HP, nevermind the specials.

Sure, but that’s a critique of the Power metric generally. But that’s not what SGG uses to assign points: they are distributed by sum of HP.

No @VFROOD. Clearly I need more coffee! back under the couch :grin:

(My brain read “power” not points. You can all kill me now…)