New WAR scheme

Since the Teluria appear in game wars become SOOOO BOOOORING beating 25 Telluria tanks on 30 opponents that I have some proposition for SGG. Start new wars with new rules: 1 part with 3* heroes only in attack and defense - until reset, 2nd with 4* heroes only, and after 3rd reset 5* heroes. If there will be more than 3 resets… suprise me :smile: Something like in events. It will be more exciting and make 3* and 4* heroes more useful.

Sounds good . I always had an idea like this. Mortal kombat team style. But them with 2 teams. Defeat the first team, then the second for bonus points. But using 3* 4* and 5* is even better

We NEED special rules wars!!!
Similar to tournaments, bloody battle with no healing, buff attack bonus, 4 colors, etc.

A possible variant on this: each time you respawn, you have to swap heroes out. So your first team might have be GTV based, but your second string defense would have to be a different set of heroes, and your 3rd would be different still.

To flesh this idea out, I’d say that the earlier teams come back with revives, but not board resets. For example, if you take out a GTV team, and they revive before the flip, then GTV would revive, but if you flipped the board before they revived, they would be on the second string team.

This would give advantage to teams that are coordinated well enough to flip the board repeatedly.