New War Rule -- ✨ War Equalizer

I would suggest the buff active every 5 turns instead of 3. Every 3 turns doesn’t give attacker any advantages at all. IMHO

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TOTAL AGREE!!! They need to learn how to balance this game to all type of players instead of manipulating them!!

Last month was Telluria and then Ninja Tower, then War buffs… New challenges are suppose to be fun to experience not to feel sick of it. If this doesn’t get better, maybe they should stop trying new things.

I do not think there’s a buff that equalizer can’t remove.

The advantage an attacker has is that they can time the specials. Having the equalizer every 5 turns is kind of pointless as most buffs and debuffs last 3 or less turns.

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Reapply the buff or ailment.

The old rules (Arrow Attack, Healing Aid, and Attack Up) only benefit defense.

The new rules benefit both attack and defense. War attack becomes easier because of Equalizer/Minion. I notice 500 points increase in both my alliance and opponents final score compared to old rule.

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Not really against top defenses 20 nodes and level 30 troops you don’t have time unless you get a lucky board.
Most of the hereos that would in that case give you time are nullified by the equalizer.
Some hereos are even completely useless (lady lock for exemple).

Same here, I actually had a lot of fun with the new rule. It forced me to be even more strategic than usual and for the firs time in like forever I changed back to regular Rigard instead of his costume after almost losing the first match because I forgot HoT got cleansed too lol. And there were definitely times where I intentionally set off a hero one turn before equalizer was about to go off to take advantage of the cleanse/dispel. Basically I had to put together different attack teams and played the board a bit differently than usual, but I liked it.


Seshat, Noor, Telluria, Lepus and C-Joon took 3 flags each time they were killed. Agree, absolutely minion war. Although our mana thieves also shone…

Guessing Grimble was on short supply in the alliance vs us


I agree! I’ve not been playing all that long, but I’m glad to see them adding new things that make everyone get together more often during war. This is the first time since I’ve been playing that I saw different teams used on defense By the older alliance members. And they were all comparing and helping everyone out again. It was really fun! For me as a new player, and all the older/higher leveled players seemed to really enjoy it more. They said they had been just kinda going through the motions for a while. Using the same exact teams every war, for the most part.
This war I learned so much more! As I read what they were having to change and try. I think this must be what wars are meant to be. (Don’t get me wrong, my team mates help me all the time. Great alliance!) I’m dreading going back to the old rules and them playing on automatic again. Lol


I would guess Grimble is on short supply everywhere :wink:

Generally speaking, I like this new rule and the addition to the current setting.

It makes you plan and rethink… normally PvP and wars is just board management, now you have to plan even more ahead :slight_smile:

Made some errors in timing the specials in the first two fights, because it was still some automated reaction from my side… but that brought more focus to the fight itself and I really liked it.

The timing of the cleanse with advantage to the defender is a must in this setting, I think. Would it clean right before attackers turn, we would see way too many OS.

Really like it as it is



Especially most of the defensive heroes special lasts for 2turns… (Telluria GM Bai Jean etc…) It doesn’t effect them as much as attackers.

Reapply the buff?.. How silly me, I didn’t thought of it. Thanks for the smart comment. :+1:

I like the new rule but it would have been nice if the buff is fair for both side.
Every 3turns is too soon especially when we face Telluria. Malosi special can’t block his skill anymore as Telluria will have his special max (90% of the time) on 3rd turn. that’s when the equalizer dispell all buffs before Telluria special.

The question is: “What is fair?”

If the equalizing effect wouldn’t kick in before it’s the defender’s turn, it would mean it comes right before the attacker’s turn.
So the attacker, who is generally already in advantage (for the ability to choose targets and move stones) would be even in an even better position. In my opinion the timing right before the defender’s turn is the most fair option.

With the second point: Tell is ready to fire immediately after the equalizing effect: It usually takes more than 3 turns for her to charge, but that might be a point for consideration, if the data suggest so to SGG: You could set the first equalizing somewhat later (e.g. after turn 4 and start the 3 turn sequence from then on), but I guess this would again be too much on an advantage for the attacker

In that matter, yes Attacker has the advantage. How often will that happen? I am sharing my opinion according to many attackers results not just one match.

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to active equalizer before defensive turn, but it should be more than 3 turns IMO.

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I see by the poll we are divided almost 50/50 but most alliances score higher (both side of war) so if you hate it and think this benefit defense more you need to learn how to attack with this bonus :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Unless I’m mistaken, Baldur’s extra attacks occur every turn during which he has boosted health. There’s no active status effect.

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Like Arrow Attack is fair for both sides? Not sure the argument holds water…


There is. It’s the brawler buff. Check Cozys thread of complete buffs and Ailment. Linked in the OP


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