New War Rule -- ✨ War Equalizer

I kept my original defense personally, which is Telluria tank with Clarissa and Jean Francois flanks.
I think I was killed 3 times from 5 flags (2 flags + 2 flags + 1 flag).

I went against a typical Telluria/GM/Vela team, and I found them easier to kill thanks to the Equalizer. Usually I may struggle to get some extra tiles to cleanse myself and having Vela’s attack down, makes a big difference in tile damage and killing or not kills. Having these 3’s effects removed (I timed it right so they went off at the same time) was actually a Godsend and I destroyed a 4600 team, that I honestly should have lost due to a very bad starting board.

In my usual war team fire hero is Natalya lvl18 emblems. Only for this i decided to replace with Red hood … ( another fire option was grazul). So far i was defeated 3 times with 4 flags ( 2-1-1)

I thought it will be much easier, but it showed me it goes a lot against my play style:

  • Defense/attack debuffers (Buddy, Richard, Vela, Kingston)
  • HoT (C.Rigard and C.Melendor) - they are usable without costume but they are emblemed for costume version so a bit weaker
  • Mana controllers (Proteus, Mist)
  • Defense buffers (Magni, Khagan, Kiril, Vivica)

All of it was reduced. Hasting enemy to fire (they still get one turn of DoT) or holding a turn on my own was hard.

But it’s nice to have something different :+1:

Hey lads and gals!

I did enjoy this war!

What a relief to bring a 6th cleanser with you who charges every three turns… Unbelievable!

We did fight a BLUE tank alliance…

Aegir tanks? ROFLMAO…
Only dangerous were Richards and a single Misandra who handled my bottom back on a silver plate… :slight_smile:

I do not care what the end result is going to be…

I did enjoy this war!

Actually I had to use my brain… which is something I rarely do in wars… But now I had to…



This war equalizer is a nonsense - plenty of heroes have their value in buffs/stacks and not in direct damage. Some, like for example Baldur or Proteus, completely dependent on them. And this stupid equalizer basically makes all these heroes useless.

Is this the way to deal with duplicates? Just keep them all, cause in equalized war you need 6 teams with strictly direct damage focus?


This is the great and exciting time when u feel something different on war and try using new strategy on this war rules. It is awesome when GM, vela, telly not as dangerous as on other war rules.

Enjoy it. U can continue using proteus, etc on another war rules

Indeed, it’s quite an interesting rule, a war with less need of cleansers and dispellers and then firing of special had to be well timed…but Lianna, Thorne, Leo were doing their things…it was fun!

I actually like this war rule a lot. If used properly, it can really help you on the attack.

We fought against red tanks, and some of them were the black knight. His taunt was completely useless in this kind of war. Just giving us time to charge the mana and … action!

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This mode can easily make it even harder to fight against Telluria. Your BK, Hel, Ursena, GM, etc can all be rendered useless depending on the mercy of the board and timing.

Nothing interesting in this war rule. Basically you need a 8/9 tiles elemental debuff and 3 fast speed snipers or you rely on the board. You can’t controlled (debuff/mana) and you can’t protect yourself cause the timing is too short.

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Really nice rule you need to plan your attack to be effective and try to cleanse defense aliments one turn after they shoot. I am glad they add something different.


I think there are countless people enjoying this war mode because it is new and unique.

That said, I think it’s terrible. Not only does it really cripple several heroes, but it is even more relentless on bad boards.

If you really want to make wars fun rather than have War Equalizer debuff the team, have it randomly lock out a color like Raid Tournaments do, and have to set your defenses that way, so that you’re not constantly facing tank meta war teams every single war.


My defense held up ok. My defense was taken out 4x - 4 flags, 3 flags, 1 flag and 2 flags. Not bad, not great! I went 6-0 in my attacks. All-in-all, I have no issues with this format. I was expecting the worst, but it’s no where near as difficult as Field Aide wars. :wink:

I like War Equalizer, benefit for offense. Timing is everything… and we do not force to bring cleanser/dispeller anymore… 6-0 one shoot this time :wink:
I also change my defense with fast sniper with great result.
I like the variety of war rule… :+1:


Is the next war also war equalizer, if so I’m out

My two cents - this is totally different then equaliser goal should be in a way that this “help” doesn’t equalise chances of both alliances but gives a big advantage to those alliance who is stronger, with widest heroes choice and stronger defence teams.

This is maybe biggest miss of projected to be equal and achieved how really it was.

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Welp I didn’t do well on this war because new rule has really bad timings.
In my case I had this luck that it was helping defense and not me. In many situations it looked like this: debuff my team, cleanse enemy and then enemy strikes and put their negative statuses on me for fresh turns :confused:
It really always went off in the most unfortunate/between turns moments.

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Glad you like it. But I don’t like things which alter mechanics of the game in a way it makes most of my heroes useless. In this rule only heroes whose strength is in direct damage are beneficial, as the rest of them, who are support heroes or heroes whose power depends on extra effects, have no real use - they just don’t get to use their specials.
How many of the heroes are direct damagers? I have a few. Perhaps enough to field 2 mediocre teams. When if using all my heroes for their full potential I can field 6 decent teams on pretty much any tank color.
So, sorry, but I don’t see anything great about it. One should use heroes’ specials and team composition to counter enemy defenses, not just rely on luck with tiles and who hit harder and quicker.


My defence team worked quite well, 3 kills each time 3 flags. Went for more healing (regular Rigard and Heimdall), and removed my DoT. I switched GM and put Sumle for example.

In offence, I found it weird that defence team as a rule fired just after the cleanse. Especially Telluria, every time… Maybe I did something wrong, but I was just trying to work on the board. 3 moves and someone was ready to fire…

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