New War Rule -- ✨ War Equalizer

The War Equalizer eliminates all statuses every 3rd turn. It also does so in a manner that favors the opponent. On the 3rd turn, it eliminates all status THEN let’s the opponents teams special attacks activate. Setting you up for defeat if you had a buff ready to defend against a special attack. Also your team can absolutely use a special attack and have it cancelled immediately afterwards by the WE.

The WE completely debilitates and contradicts many of the heroes’ purpose. For example, Miraweave has a Very Fast special attack that add +10% to her attack each time it’s used. She’s not strong but her purpose is to stack this buff and become stronger. But the WE cancels this making her pointless.

We need to get the word out that the WE is not welcome in this game.

Please repost with your thoughts here for the moderators. We need to get the word out.


Each team should adapt their offenses and defenses to the mode. If one is using a hero that WE effects poorly- that’s on them.

I think it’s a welcome change.


I agree with @Dan7: anything to break up the monotony. It forced me to retool my defense in favor of direct damage heroes and away from those that had status effects/DOT/HOT, as well as how I timed firing my specials (and selected my heroes) on offense.

BTW: IMO this new war type favors the defense far less than the standard 3 attack boost, field aid, and arrow barrage.


I like War Equalizer as attacker has advantage to timing special skill.
And setup defense with not heavy statuses heroes.
I like variety… we can poll and discuss about War Equalizer here:
New War Rule – :sparkles: War Equalizer


I enjoyed it. Gives a new layer of strategy regarding holding off firing specials and team make up. A welcome addition to the rotation.


I’ve never been so absolutley tired fedup to the point of quitting this game. WHY DO YOU GUYS HAVE TO KEEP CHANGING THINGS,:IT STINKS. Change it back please!!! :confused:Doesn’t 3. 5 years of total loyalty to you guys mean anything. I understand that you want to make things fresh and interesting but seriously there’s enough going off in this dang game without you guys changing WAR STUFF, guys get a grip if you want or value some if your originals STOP CHANGING THINGS. I’M doing my job plus running house plus my escape The e&p game. Plus all this covid stuff. Stop messing with things it isn’t Fun!! Hmm it’s stress. Not enjoyable anymore. I KNOW YOJ DON’T GIVE A DAM I’M JUST ANOTHER LOYAL PLAYER THAT DOSESNT COUNT. Please read stop changing wars you’ve enough other things going on to GET YOUR DANG MONEY. STOPIT!!!


Um… There’s been a lot of discussion before the war changes were introduced, and beta testers reported here…

And more discussion here…

This seems to have come as a surprise - idk :woman_shrugging:


You realize people also complain when nothing is changed, right? Right?!


I found the War Equalizer isn’t fair for offensive heroes, it cleanses Defensive heroes before their skills but it cleanses Offensive heroes after their skills…

It’s completely in favour for defensive heroes. Why?

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You… you do realize other modes, such as arrow attack, also only favor defensive heroes, right?

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I can use healer to recover after arrow attack…

Is there a way to counter/prevent the war equalizer?:thinking:

I think not, because it remove all dispellable AND non-dispellable aliments.

Maybe, im not sure about this you could search in the thread, some buff that prevent remotion such as one of the valkiries (the green 4* from s3) and again, maybe margaret is immune thanks to her natural resistance.

As an attacker you do have the advantage of holding your special and use it after the war equalizer occurs. That’s something the defense doesn’t have. All it means is that I may delay a HoT or DoT a turn to let the war equalizer effects to pass, and then use my specials.


Loved this rule. I know some people hate change, but this was refreshing. After 3 years of playing finally I need to puzzle out something new! How refreshing to learn a new way to play. To use different heroes on my defense team. And to learn how to turn the rule to my advantage, which I did quite well. My usual 6 teams were not the best for this war, but that was the point, to change things up, it was getting pretty boring and stagnant the past 6 months.
Do I want this every War, no. But adding it into the rotation is fine. Something for everyone!
Thanks for the change SG.
And good gaming everyone!


I would suggest the buff active every 5 turns instead of 3. Every 3 turns doesn’t give attacker any advantages at all. IMHO

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TOTAL AGREE!!! They need to learn how to balance this game to all type of players instead of manipulating them!!

Last month was Telluria and then Ninja Tower, then War buffs… New challenges are suppose to be fun to experience not to feel sick of it. If this doesn’t get better, maybe they should stop trying new things.

I do not think there’s a buff that equalizer can’t remove.

The advantage an attacker has is that they can time the specials. Having the equalizer every 5 turns is kind of pointless as most buffs and debuffs last 3 or less turns.

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Reapply the buff or ailment.

The old rules (Arrow Attack, Healing Aid, and Attack Up) only benefit defense.

The new rules benefit both attack and defense. War attack becomes easier because of Equalizer/Minion. I notice 500 points increase in both my alliance and opponents final score compared to old rule.

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Not really against top defenses 20 nodes and level 30 troops you don’t have time unless you get a lucky board.
Most of the hereos that would in that case give you time are nullified by the equalizer.
Some hereos are even completely useless (lady lock for exemple).

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