New War Rule Undead Horde - Discussion

We faced a team at or higher than we were and still found it easy

Our war archivist gave up months ago, since then I only record my hits and sometimes even forget that :smile: oh, really, Killhare didn’t get you :rage::smile: sorry for being off topic guys. :innocent:

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Wondering out loud…For these wars am I better to use crit troops in order to get beefier minions for my defence team as opposed to mana troops like normal?

I agree with a lot of the general sentiment here.

  • yes the weaker members found it a little tougher

  • no the difficulty was not a quantum leap

  • yes we scored higher. Both teams were about 500 points higher than our usual score

  • no it was not game changing

It was different and it broke the war rules monotony. I liked it.


It was a really really bad board … like terribly bad … all bad boards of the world combined bad … it was the RNG not me dammit … :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(I don’t remember much except that I got very pwned😂)

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If we can just kill off a hero like that, where’s the challenge in it? Of course, we have heroes like skadi that are instant win conditions in minion battles but outside of that, you need to plan ahead. That’s the strategy behind it. Numbers matter and a tanky set of minions can prevent you from killing a target with your sniper, thus wasting your special

I question who are these minions supposed to help? Arrows, field aid and buff attack, all help the defenders. If that was SG’s intention I think they need to readjust the minions. With 5 mono teams I had enough time to charge and fire some heroes. Yes boards could be it but I think this was the minions.

On the other hand it was just FUN seeing a new war rule and I hope they give all the new war rules time to settle in before changing (if at all)

Hope we meet again someday for another one, warscore still about the same :fox_face: (hopefully in minion war to stay on topic :smile:)

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Don’t think so, why should it be different from other minions which take the caster hp on the field, owner-caster? :thinking: silly I didn’t look out for that to know it for sure :smile:

No, but another small plus to the things a crit troop provides for hero, I’ll keep an eye on that if next war is minion again :eye:

Suddenly I can see horghall being powerful in this mode, Horghall of all heroes. Especially for c horghall who has one of the highest health in the game and could take advantage of the minions. C horghall and Freya flank will be a terrifying duo to deal with

Honestly I did find this war fun! :slight_smile:

I did not make too much difference in my attacking teams (1-2 five stars the rest emblemmed four stars) since I usually aim for one-shots but it made the battles a bit different.

I only have one minion-destroyer: Cod.

He did shine and almost won one attack by himself but becouse the guy behind the phone is a Continent-sized idiot the outcome was a bounce :rofl:

However the middle teams of our army did like it a lot! The minions giving the four stars and 3/70’s just a bit of a meat-shield was well received!

The cleaning of the 4400-4600 teams with one-two hero left was manageable with 3/60’s and maxed three stars!

So our newest and lowest tp members just went rampage and they did like it!

And this is good… I mean this is important that a lvl30 player with a few maxed four stars can enjoy a war even against coordinated coloured diamond level enemy def teams!

Well done SG! I hope the other new rules will be beginner-friendly too!


Just did some checking of mana troop vs crit troop for Red Hood minions. Slight increase for crit troop.

Just to reiterate what I’ve already said about the minions: I think they’re fine as is. IMO it’s one of the most “balanced” changes this game has introduced in a long time.

For those who say it’s “too easy” - well both teams are dealing with the exact same battle aid… is it really that terrible to do a war where the winner is actually determined by which team gets the best hits overall, without all the gimmicky nonsense interfering?

Boring? Too easy? Y’all are just one shotting each other and nobody wins? So you’re telling me that all of your wars resulted in perfect 9000 v. 9000 ties this time?

No, I don’t think so.

Maybe the minions did not make a huge impact on scores. Maybe it was “too easy” for the attackers. Yeah, well, that means it was “too easy” for both sides equally. So it was a more pure war, where it came down to your teams vs. your opponent’s teams.

I really don’t see the problem here.

Tell me exactly how that’s a problem.

If the problem is that your opponents had stronger teams? Well then stronger minions wouldn’t have exactly helped you at all, would they? Quite the contrary.

If the problem is that your opponents all have weaker teams and you are easily wiping them out with no challenge? Take that up with SG, man. Because that is mostly the complete opposite of my own experience. Don’t ask for stuff to make the game harder for everyone else just because your own teams are so overpowered and you’re getting bored.

Yeah, sorry, my bad. I didn’t think troops impacted minion level. I was wrong. I don’t think the difference is enough to be useful, myself… I doubt that a few extra HP on a minion is going to change the outcome of a battle, but… who knows? Maybe it could.


All good. Dont expect people to know everything, the difference may end up being minuscule or just enough to survive till a healer goes off. Will be fun to test and find out. :upside_down_face:

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It was fun to play with a different mechanic, but in the end with both attacker and defender getting them, it only gave trouble to my opponent, who I theorize didn’t have any minion destroyers or heroes. To me the win/lose was def. board, not minion dependent.

Marketing person 1 - Hey everyone the surveys are back from the last war

Person 2 - And? How did they like it?

Person 1 - TGW scores it a 3/10

Person 2 - Holy cr@p! He liked it that much??? We’ve never had a 3 before. Roll it out permanently


I liked it in beta and I liked it again in the live game personally.

I do agree that this rule is the easiest to deal with so far. However, I don’t think that’s a bad thing either.

The benefit being evenly divided between attacker and defender made it much more like regular raids. The minions actually saved some of my heroes a few times. And I think we scored much higher than average as an alliance too (though this isn’t our highest either, I don’t think).


This was the first time my alliance scored 6k and lost. It kept me a live longer in a few situations that helped me make a comeback. I like the addition to the rotation.

Field aid could be a 50% heal every turn. All together it just changes the strategy you have to use.

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