New War Rule Undead Horde - Discussion

How about putting captain of diamonds in flank?
We’re playing green tank and I don’t have max 5* yet. Best alternative = max Sonya (with costume bonus)

What element (it any)do the skeleton minions take on?

Observed that, always the heroes element theyre connected to. For example freya minion on freya hits 50 on blue ones, freya minion on kingston hits 100 on blue one, freya minion on Tyr hits 25 on blue one, tile style. :fox_face: dont think the skeletons work different.


My heart bleeding since boa Hancock is my favorite female one piece character :blush:
Example 1, only one Freya minion on everyone, damage on holy vivica double since minions are dark on dark ones. Sartana only takes half damage.

Example 2, vivica (not having her Defense up like on example 1) double damaged, gravy and elkanen get normal minion damage.

So Minions attached to dark heroes do half damage on dark heroes, double on holy ones and normal damage on the rest, like sending mini dark tiles to opponent. :fox_face:

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Send in the Skadi!
Very few things more satisfying a Skadi monster stack.
This war minion generation is a game changer for her. It’s like going from a person giving you one Halloween treat, to a take one only bowl on the porch… you’re going ham on it!

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We’re really an undead horde, all dead but we won, never seen that :rofl::rofl:

Hope we get revived next war :smile:


Im good with all the war rules but this one gives me the most frustration. Its just so slooooooow.

Talking about slow…

I used a purple mono against this as my last 6th attack:

My team was: c.Rigard+20, Rigard+costume +1, Domitia+8, Proteus+19, Sabina…

I won but honestly I could see the continents moving between each turn :slight_smile:

Was slooooooow :slight_smile:

Edit: but honestly…

Using four 4 stars and a lone 5 star against a 4400 tp defense team as a 6th attack and WIN?! And they were neutral to the tank! Only strong against one flank…

Only possible with the new war rules…

And this is why I love the new rules… They make me thinking and come up with new compositions like this 3 healers purple setup… Don’t get me wrong, I benched Cyprian and Merlin! Merlin!


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Interesting. And we are a fully alive hoard! They reset us with their very last flag. We won too!


Seems they did too, but last fight must have ended after time ran out :skull::skull::skull:

We set our new war record! (enemy purple tanks) :yum: it is around 114k war power :smile:

I personally made my first 6 attacks vs full enemy (0 clear ups) and all successful.


My alliance lost our last war, so I must say that this war rule is squarely to blame! It is completely and totally broken!

Just kidding. We actually won the last minion war. This time, we were just overpowered by a stronger opponent. All good! :grin:

The minions did drag out some of my fights, that I do remember. Was slightly annoying, but not to a game breaking degree.

I honestly don’t think it gives an absolute definitive advantage to either side. Which is a good thing. Minions do not discriminate.

Overall, I am okay with Undead Horde becoming a part of the regular battle aid rotation. :+1:


I have a question. If a fighter is killed and a undead minion is added to the revived one, whose HP is 1 as you know, the minion’s HP is 0.1 (It has the 10% HP of the owner.) or not? Is it inherited from the original one’s HP or revived one’s HP (=1) ? Which one is right? Anyone who know? Thanks in advance.

It’s 10% of the heroes original HP.

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20 characters

I’m medically retired, so have all day to play.
It is, a full time job doing everything. Also setting a 9 hour timer, while World Energy Points build up (=

Not sure if anyone has tested this yet or not. Does the new family bonus for Christmas heroes affect the auto generated minions or not?

I know sometimes interpretations of wording can be a bit different and the card states “the summoner” whereas technically the horde minions aren’t summoned?

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Do not quote me on this… I am only going based on my understanding of the game and how the cards are usually interpreted regarding game play.

To the best of my knowledge, horde minions are not considered to be summoned by either side. They should follow all other general minion rules though.

I.e., “eating” horde minions should still count as “eating” regular minions.

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Yeah, it’s one of those ones where a lot comes down to how they’ve interpreted it and probably not been time for it to be tested yet…

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It’s a regular forum confusion issue. SG introduces a new hero, or a new feature… they try to “explain” how it works, but…

Not everyone who plays this game speaks the same language.
Even SG themselves, English is not their first language.
Sometimes a new feature conflicts directly with an old feature.

Now naturally one could easily make a joke about how these are things that most competent companies would address in beta before throwing it into the live game, but…

It’s not my game, and they don’t care for my advice.

I’ve tried giving them my two cents, and they sent it back and said they only accept increments of two dollars minimum. :laughing:


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