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It’s not a bad thing at all! It actually made the war about… you know, actually competing against the opponent’s teams. Rather than competing against overpowered and overcomplicated game mechanics.

It would not bother me at all if this became a regular part of the war rotation, as long as they don’t go changing it into some sort of monstrosity where every defensive hero spawns 5 minions with 50% HP each every other turn.


I liked it. Not so much for the impact on difficulty (I’m in the "too easy"camp) but because Horde actually gives more screen time to underused heroes.

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I really enjoyed it. I’m only a level 30 with a 3600tp team, but I felt like I was actually contributing to this war instead of just getting my rear end handed to me. The necessity of changing up strategy to take best advantage of the new rule makes it more fun.


Calm down! Let’s not go all the way to 4 out of 10 here. The boffins monitoring the data in the SGG lab won’t be able cope at this rate.

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Honestly? The minion battle worked exactly as I hoped it would. The defensive minions made it a little bit harder to kill the enemies… but I was absolutely able to take advantage of the offensive minions as well to both buy me some extra time, as well as pulling mop up duty on those damn heroes that should have died but didn’t quite. I would even go higher than 4 out of 10 on this one. Probably the best idea they’ve had since Costume Chamber, IMO.


I think I’m gonna love these new war rules. I mean there are some heroes that I never fed. Gobbler, Captain of Diamond, Grimble and S1 slow heroes are just there on the bench without any opportunity to grow. Now I think I can feed them. I’ve always used very same teams on the wars, and it made me too bored. Now I can change my teams and strategies for each war. I think it will make this game more interesting. How good it is!

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Welcome to the forum @LadyRobynHood :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d like to add one thing. I think the minions’ triggering on the fixed turn is very logical in this rule. Undead minions are both attackers and defenders in this case, so the turn must be fixed cause the remaining number of the heroes of both side is not always same. Yeah, that’s it.

Thanks @DocBrown . Been lurking awhile. Just decided to put my newbie payer 2 cents in on this

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You’ll get there, takes time but between reading the forum, finding a good alliance and ask lots of questions you’ll be good to go.:sunglasses:

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I actually have a great alli of newer players, medium players, and some big guys that take turns rotating in and out as they get top 100 burn out. They stay for a few wars, then off again. Be back in a few weeks-months. They’re a wealth of knowledge. We’re small but a lot of fun.

Makes all the difference. Glad you found a good home! :smiley:


Thanks for this new rule, it is good to have something diferent in the war, even to me, I didn’t make any change on my defense team or in the way of I attacked. I like it anyway :smile:

I thought it was a good change in war type. The minions applied to both the offense and defense which made it more balanced. The most frustrating part of the other war styles was how it would cripple your attack while the opponents defense didn’t have to do anything to deserve it. But the Undead Horde was fairly applied to both the attack team and defensive team.

It also makes heroes like Freya and Bera more formidable.

After some time to think about it, I think this helps the mid-strength alliances more.

My alliance has a range of teams from 3200 - 4300 and everyone had a chance to contribute something. It was easier for the weaker teams to clear wounded opponents (certainly compared to Field Aid) and it was kind of refreshing to see some new names at the top of the Top Attackers leaderboard.

We knew it would lead to high scores and used up almost all our attacks and wound up losing by fewer than 50 points, but I think it was a fun change from the other war effects. If it only comes up once every 6 wars, I have no issues with it.

Personally, my G-ble brothers (Grimble/Gobbler) defense didn’t do so well so not sure if it’s worth the trade-off just to use for Undead Horde. But will need a couple more turns to be sure. As was mentioned earlier, Lady of the Lake can be a bit of a pain.


Warning: I didn’t read most other postings, so maybe this was already addressed!

Most of the new war conditions don’t favor the defending team like the familiar ones do. This might be good for alliances with new and/or casual players who don’t have 30 reasonably strong heroes for their attacks. But it is not good for established players and in especially not for the top100-200(?) alliances.

These new easier conditions together with Telluria losing its teeth raises the average oneshot-rate to an unusually high level. At first glance, this might sound attractive/satisfying for many players. But when you rethink, you realize that it lowers the impact of skill if more than 2/3 of the attacks are oneshots, at least half of them without really having to think. What makes it worse is the fact that a oneshot is the expected result. When you succeed, it’s fine, but as you expected it, you cannot really rejoice. On the other hand, when you lose, you have an unusually bad result and feel miserable.

In my opinion setting the difficulty level in wars to a higher lvl would accomplish two major improvements:

*The skill factor is higher because there are less autowins. Of course there would also be more autolosses, but contrary to the autowins, better decisions will lead to more points and a more weakened opponent.

*If the oneshot is not the expected result, you can really be happy if you achieve it. And you won’t be as sad if it doesn’t work out as planned.

Telluria/Vela was too strong compared to other tank options, but it wasn’t too strong in itself. Because of that instead of nerfing them (ok, the first nerf round was fine… :wink: I would have preferred seeing some buffs to other tanks or new suitable heroes.

Back to the new war rules: Generally they are very good news. But they also should favor the defending team, maybe even more than the old ones. Any symmetric rule, in especially ones that prolong the fight like “undead horde” does, benefits the attacker because the longer fight gives more decisions which even average players obviously make better than the random AI.

As noted at the beginning, maybe wars are wanted to be easier for casual players. If that is the case, I would suggest slighly different rules for alliances with different war scores. For example you could say, if the alliance has more than 100.000 war points, the defenders minions will have 12%/12%, the attacking players minions 8%/8% attack/hp. Above 125.000 war points something like 15%/15% vs 5%/5%. Obviously these numbers are not tested and just a basic suggestion.


We had a really close war against a team I thought we’d comfortably beat, so that was interesting.

I had a thought for buffs like undead minions. What if they didn’t appear until you’d used half your flags? Then would appear on attack or defence based on whether you were up or down on predicted score? Acting kind of like the ‘auto catchup’ in Mario Kart, where the last placed team goes faster than the first.

The minions aren’t strong enough to swing a war, but they are a little helping hand.

Never work as a lot of teams hold the bulk of their flags until the end.

You’ve promised to do new war rules and I see again these stupid arrows. What’s wrong with you? And what’s the next new rule? Health??? Ridiculous…

They never mention they would remove old ones. They just add more new rules.


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