New War Rule Undead Horde - Discussion

This topic is to discuss & share your feedback on the new War Rule - Undead Horde! :skull:

Check out the full Release Notes & further details on the announcements below:

Beta information: 🧪 Early Information on New War Rules [Part of The Beta Beat V32]


As a reminder, the last seen Beta Information of this rule:

Additional clarifications:

  • Minions are based on the heroes base HP. Neither damage, Health Boosting nor Health Reduction affect minion HP.

  • Minions DO trigger faster as there are less defenders. If 5 defenders, triggers every 5 turns. If 3 then every 3 turns. If 1 then triggers each turn.

    • The number of turns between minion spawns is equal to the number of defending heroes at the START of the fight. It remains constant for the duration of that fight.
  • Minions trigger at 5x Turns regardless of the number of heroes in play. Seems to be fixed in duration; see evidence Here by @UroSecondo

  • Still only able to have a max of 3 minions up at a time. These minions WILL displace another minion if there are already 3 in play

  • Bera and Kvasir WILL block the application of the minions.

  • Noors innate ability WILL NOT trigger with the spawning of Undead Horde minions.

  • Undead Horde minions are treated as normal minions in every way. They get killed, removed, resisted etc just like a normal minion does in the game.

:ballot_box: Polls!!

:question: Do you LIKE this new war rule?

  • Yes I love it :heart_eyes:
  • I like it :slight_smile:
  • I’m indifferent to it :neutral_face:
  • I dislike it :frowning:
  • I hate it… It’s worse than field aid :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  • I’m undecided yet…

0 voters

:question: Who do you think this rule benefits more?

  • Attacking Team
  • Defending Team
  • Both equally
  • Neither team
  • Unsure/ undecided.

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:question: What do you think of the Minion Stats?

  • Wayyyy to much
  • A little too much
  • Just right
  • A little too little
  • Wayyyy too little

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:question: Did this rule make you rethink your strategy?

Yes I know about the typo in "Strategy" but I can't fix it because it will reset the poll...
  • Attack Stratefy / heroes Only
  • Alliance Defence Strategy Only
  • both attack and defence strategies
  • Not really either attack or defence
  • No… Leeeeerrroooooyyyyy jerrnnnnkkkkiiiinnnnnssssssssssssss…!!!

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:question: Do you think that this rule makes War “Easier” / “Less Challenging”?

  • Yes, It’s easier
  • No, It’s harder
  • Hasn’t made a difference/ No change.

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Will it be featured for the next two wars like any previous war rules have been?


Surely the answer is yes, as we get used to the new War rule. But, one should never assume.

Thanks for asking the question :wink::blush:


Looking forward to the new War Rules! Something new for war sounds good. Hoping that most players enjoy. :smile:


Am I right in thinking that skeletons will not only help, but also sometimes interfere? A hero can’t have more than three minions. This means that the skeletons will replace other minions of the hero, thus weakening the hero?


Yes, they can replace a more useful minion. In practice I dont think they appeared often enough to cause a big issue unless you already run a minion heavy team


And then one more question at once )))) Will Nur react to the appearance of skeletons? Will she summon her Sparrow?

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MVP MVP MVP … :rofl:

Undecided if I use hood or JF :fox_face:


They will help the defense team more. Imagine there is only 2 heroes left so every 2 turns they will get a minion. But for attack it will be very helpful to use the ghost tiles since they don’t affect the minion release.


No, card says only when summoned by special skill :fox_face:


I’m glad there’s AT LEAST some thoughts put for wars, as it is / was something many members of our alliance appreciate. Well, if they were not leaving the game, that is.
Still, I would love seeing more details of what’s going on in wars. A full replay might be too costly (I understand you don’t want to cut your benefits), but I’m always wondering what team are used in attacks.


That’s a good question. But we already had only one Attack boost war and we are gonna have this now. I’d like two in a row especially if there is a “need” to change war defenses.

And this is the first war booster that positively affects attackers. Wonder how this will be reflected in war scores - we could see more points as attackers are getting some love too.


This is great chance for players to use some forgotten heroes like Gobbler and CoD.

NOTE: Kvasir and Bera actually prevents the undead horde minions, so be careful or use them wisely :slight_smile:


What if I placed Skadi behind Heimdall on defense?


Not a bad idea. A few of my teammates are doing the same. Skadi is very dangerous for this particular war format if she fires at the appropriate time. Her special is strong enough to take out the horde, so that’s potential multiple stacks.

Looks interesting. With too many minion heroes the undead horde may replace more important ones…let’s see.


Will this be advertised in-game, for those who don’t read the forums?

I hope this doesn’t make wars boring. Not sure do I like, that both defence and offence gets minions. :thinking:

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It says all heroes will receive a skeleton minion. Does that mean the attacker will get minions, too?

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