New War Rule -- ⏩ Rush Attack

This war type is absolutely terrible. Very fast alfrike breaks the game. I have a deep bench of emblemed 5* it doesnt even matter. Strategy doesnt exist. You know which team wins within 1 second of looking at the board. If you want it to be a coin flip then just let us flip a coin instead


You are wrong. Boards absolutely matter way more than they should in vf. I just made a single match, board cascaded, alfrike went off on 1 turn. Vf is literally a coin flip in top 100 alliances.

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You are wrong is a bold statement it’s people’s opinion, board helps but I disagree with their is no strategy. I enjoy rush wars they make me take my time and concentrate more.

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No amount of concentration will save you from alfrike, mother north, krampus. Either you have the tiles to start with or you don’t. The battles are determined before you even make a move against the top alliances. I still win my fair share but my point is that you know who wins before you do anything.

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I disagree, taking the time to choose heros, correct set up and taking your time is all part of the strategy. Yes like I said tiles help but all is not decided on the starting board. I video my hits and make so many mistakes but very fast wars are actually fun.

This Mode is absolute terrible, if you have to Fight some special Heroes…i vote here to Ban at least Alfrike…this is just annoying and more frustrating to play against her.


Fast mana successfully removes all enjoyment from the wars because with one glance of your opening board you know whether you are screwed or not. I enjoy this game because there is some strategy involved, but when I see fast mana I just roll my eyes because I know all the strategy in the world will simply not overcome the fact that I may not have enough colours to start the board. It was an interesting idea but I feel it has no place on the battlefield where strategy should be the priority.


I still absolutely detest rush wars. Bring 3/2, 2/2/1 , whatever, it doesnt matter, you will still have zero tiles.
Three moves, their entire team is charged. Nope nope nope Id rather have field aid back.
Make everyone very slow - now this could be fun.

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I’m not fond of lottery rules (and rush attack is one) but there’s a strategy that works.

Honestly, all this would do is extend the length of the battle. People would STILL use very slow heroes because when you set all the heroes at very slow mana, the very slow heroes still win out.

As for tiles, well this is one of the only times that I would go 2-1-1-1, or rainbow simply because you are dependent on specials and not tile damage. The likelihood that you can’t charge any hero with 2 matches (assuming you have a set of level 11 mana troops), within the first 3-4 rounds is pretty low.

What am I wrong in exactly?

Unfortunately this would benefit tile damage too much and would be a boon to the offense. In any case I do agree rush war is awful and way too dependent on the starting board. If they still wanted a mode like this to benefit slower heroes, perhaps everyone at average would be a better choice.

Another choice might be an automatic mana block debuff for 2 turns if a hero gained 50% or more mana in a turn. That would make for interesting strategy. Maybe even 1 turn at 33%. That would benefit defense and make slower heroes less likely to trigger the debuff.

Rush attack usually benefits defense more than attack; making every skill slow would definitely benefit attack.

Not that I’m opposed to it, but it might result in many 9000 vs. 9000 scoring wars.

A solution could be make all heroes average speed. That way the slower heroes will still gain an advantage but at least you can make a couple moves on the board. At least you could feel like you participated in the battle rather than getting annihilated by alfrike after a single turn


This is a really good idea. ^ about making all heroes average or whatever

I’m an Alfrike+20 user and this rush war is awwwwwful. Like it’s cute in tourneys because that’s not a team obligation and if you don’t like it fine don’t play it. Wars are more a must. And the rush wars are just like, not fun.

  • slow is slow for a reason
  • rage quit
  • timer is a mechanism to keep the game fair not exploited to frustrate and win on D
  • oh no not this again
  • what was SG thinking
  • I actually miss Field Aid
  • A zero score doesn’t open wallets

lol I’m surprised NERF ALFRIKE doesn’t appear on your list

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Every single item in this list has been in my alliance chat this war and last war. I salute you.

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