New War Rule -- ⏩ Rush Attack

Their teams may have looked weak but it’s what you do not see. I have several Heroes sitting at 70 waiting for ascension. I can put them together and do some damage. What color tank do you use?

Purple. But you know, I remember myself being level 34-35, it was not that long ago. I didn’t have 6 war teams capable of bringing down strong defences just like that. The guy destroyed the team with Kunchen tank, Aegir flank, Mother North wing, and there were Joon and Seshat. :joy:
Mono? Lucky board? No idea.

Also slow Heroes have better defense generally. I used my slow 4 stars and was amazed at the high power teams I took out :grin:

maybe they had an angry boar!! This guy is the shiiiiit

I love this war rule. Finally something designed for a lot of people like myself having mostly only “B” class heroes with emblems due to lack of alternatives.
The most important skill you need is setting up your team (the teams survive ability) combined with their special effectiveness.
The only downside: Little John fully emblemed with costume bonus, still cannot survive long enough to release his special😂.
Again was the most fun I had in war, in a long time.

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Fast Forward: Dead Horde

Little John fully emblemed :scream: he should have done great on rush attack war. I truly hope they keep rush attack. I’m just keeping notes of what works and what doesn’t. When they go through rotation I’ll be prepared.

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Considering I go against the meta and have a bunch of great slow mana heros maxed up these wars are my favorite now and I tend to get the best scores in my alliance, not to mention Alfrike as tank on my defense team with emblems. :heart_eyes:

I think the people who complain most are the ones who try to make like one optimized team of fast/vf and don’t try to play with a well rounded bench of heros so you can be strategic and develop good synergistic teams for all situations.

It’s the same thing of focusing on mono play over rainbow teams that work well together and playing longer battles you can win no matter what the board gives you instead of trading strategy for luck


I’m one of those who complain the most about Rush Attack wars.

I don’t have many premium heroes ans I have ascended many heroes that didn’t have a good spot in the previous war’s META such as Khagan, Quintus, Isarnia & co.
You can say that I have high amount of heroes who benefits from having a faster mana speed… but:

While this rule pushed away the monotone Gravemaker + Telluria + Vela it does encourage players to replace them with hordes of wing resurrectors, Alfrike flanks and Heimdall tanks, wich is a worse kind of battle in my opinion.

I would rather face a GTV team on field aid than a Skadi + Heimdall on a minion horde, an Alfrike + Heimdall on rush attacks or Easter Family + Heimdall on war equalizer because while the previous war rules benefitted only defenses their effects were minimal while these rules, even if they applies to both attackers and defenders, boosts few selected premium heroes to obscene levels.

There is little you can do if a Skadi fires right into the Minon Horde’s spaws, if after 4 moves of a Ruch Attack Heimdal already managed to boost his team’s health by 1000 with Alfrike ready to fire next round or if both teams would be freed from status effects right before facing the Easter heroes’ onslaught.

But while on every other rule players can have enough time to play the board while even holding specials to use the war rule to their advantage this isn’t possible on Rush Attacks, hence my dislike for this rule. On 5* wars either you charge first and blast the other team to dust or the other team’s mana controller goes off and then is 90% game over, given that the attacker isn’t facing a potato team.

I will never understand why people do not like and welcome more variety in the game.

Introduce Costume Chamber, people complain. Introduce revised Hero Academy, people complain. Introduce Ninja Tower, people complain. Introduce Tavern of Legends, people complain. Introduce more variety in war formats, people complain.

Call me crazy, but it seems to me that many people just seem to like to complain.

I guess some people just aren’t happy unless they’re unhappy.


All heroes set to a “base” V.F. speed, but troops will modify that. So higher lvl mana troop will increase charging speed.

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I Wouldn’t say that is the issue, in my opinion the point is th “Dealing with the Meta”.
One thing I ended up not mentioning in my initial post was the “Balance Changes”. Empires and Puzzles (like any other multiplayer game) has a defined Meta, Small Giant makes Balance changes based on such meta, that’s perfectly normal. But when you add rush wars, which throw the meta off completely, all balance changes that were made become not relevant.

Best solution, I.M.O. would be for rush wars to be a completely separate mode. When the alliance leader opts in or out of war he may also choose regular war x rush war and pairing would be made accordingly. That way you don’t add to the metagame all the problems ingrained in having multiple “game modes” but also allow rush wars to be enjoyed buy those who opt to.

I think you meant “Clever” not “Cleaver”. It is not, simply due to the existance of a Metagame and balance Changes.
It can be way to diversify gameplay, just leave it as a separate, optinal feature as I mentioned above.

And wasn’t what I said. Rush wars allowed me to use heroes I haven’t been using in a loooong time, that was a good thing. My point is that invalidating the meta is not an acceptable thing.


For the traditional “Mono”, “3-2”, "“4-1” formats, yeah. For the less popular formats like 2-2-1, 2-1-1-1, 3-1-1 and Rainbow Rush is a more friendly enviroment. I still dont think forcing an easy solution is the “solution”.

Other point is that the frequency of rush wars is not high enough to make those slow/very slow heroes actually relevant to a point where you would favor ascending them over a commonly used fast/very fast hero. With the current number of aids we have rush war comes around every 6 weeks (1 and a half month, roughtly), With the adittion of elemental wars it will change to something like once every 11 weeks. Roughly once every 3 months we’d have rush wars, are you really gonna use your mats to ascend, say, a Justice or Guardian Owl over a Joon considering you can use Joon every war and the slow one only once every 3 months?

You are on point here, in rush wars you have much less time to try and work the board, it makes it so you are more RNG dependant. It might not be necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t actually think it’s needed.

In order to use a hero in E&P you need to invest a lot of time and resources onto him (leveling, ascending, embleming) that takes planning, assembling teams takes a lot of time and it’s done according to the meta. That’s why the meta cant just “be thrown out the window”.

Yeah, rush wars are not for mono… I even wrote a comprehensive guide on how to assemble attack teams for rush wars (it’s in portuguese, but I can translate it and post if people are interested).

Yes, they can… I went 2-2-1 and did well on both wars, i usually dont play 2-2-1 on regular wars. My point is that the format goes against everything that was previously built in the game.

A friend of mine did the same over here… Both wars…


Players: The wars are getting boring and something needs to change

Also Players: But not this change, I don’t like this change

I mean…you can’t have it both ways :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


To use once every 6 weeks?
To use once every three months (once elemental wars are around)?
Are they REALLY excited? Or did they max those as a “spur of the moment” thing and are gonna be pissed once they realize the low frequency?

my suggestion is for it to be a separate optional mode. Your alliance either opt to participate in regular wars or rush wars and Pairing happens Accordingly.

Are you using the correct mana troops?

Only 2 of your troops are correct there… The most important thing in a rush war is that EACH AND EVERY hero you bring must have a lv11+ mana troop on him.

In one war we faced purple tanks, in the other we faced green one… Lady of the Lake gave us MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE trouble than Alfrikes like needing 4-5 flags to take down LoTL teams

I Actually knew it was gonna be rush war, I debated opting out with my alliance, I decided against it because, even after I re-opted in it would affect the allaince’s war score, but I can see that as an option, yes, will reduce your “war chest participation” but I can see it being a fix…

Really hard to enable Mono/4-1 in this format, having 4-5 mana troops above 11 is not for everyone

Not only to use slow Heroes once every 6 weeks . Don’t forget Rush Raid Tournaments .

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Between 3*, 4* and 5* we have a 5* rush virtually every 3 months or so (I’m only taking 5* into account because 3* and 4* heroes you can max as many as you want without issues, 4* ascension materials are the real limiting factor)…


Yes, I am interested. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Is it available somewhere in Portuguese? I would like to read it. Thanks in advance.

Really? I get that it takes time to accumulate the 4* mana troops. But honestly, levelling your troops will have the biggest impact on every aspect of your game from titans, to wars, tournaments, events and raiding.

I don’t get why it’s not a priority for everyone…it’s slow to level them but well worth it!

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