New War Rule -- ⏩ Rush Attack

No, it makes harder teams even more valuable than they would be. That makes it better for the attacking team, not the defending team.

The only thing this “strategy” does is makes it less valuable to use a wait-for-respawn attack strategy against them. But that’s a losing trade-off all the same.

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Personally, wars frustrate me for a multitude of reasons that I don’t have the time or energy to get into.

I despise the rush attack tournaments but my bench isn’t deep and I lack heroes that shine with this type of bonus. So “engrained to change my defense team”? I wish I had the luxury to do that…but I don’t have the depth yet.

It’s not about thinking more. It’s about having a good to decent opening board and then trying to manipulate the board to your advantage. Rush attack can be extremely unforgiving with a bad board or bad choice of moves. My boards…along with my loot…are consistently bad.

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Isn’t it level 5 mana troop plus costume bonus?

That’s what it requires to take an average hero to functionally fast.

The post you replied to is stating what you need to take a very fast hero to 6 tiles. They are not the same requirement.

Costume bonus is 5%. Level 1 mana troop is 5%. 10% total. Level 11 mana troop, which gives a break by itself is 9%.

You’re probably thinking of making an average hero 9 tiles in a normal environment for which it is costume bonus plus level 5 troop.

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This game needed these new war rules. Gobbler came out of the bench for Undead Horde, and Little John became the hero of Rush War.
The game was too repetetive before. Now nearly every hero has a use. It’s a new challenge that makes the game more exciting.
Now I plan my leveling projects to include at least two slow heroes from every colour and as many mana controllers as possible.


Would it be too much to ask SG to incorporate the current war rule into raids so there can be a way of testing teams/practicing? Practicing in raids with the current form is not even close to what happens in war. Any thoughts ?


I personally would like a “training mode” where you can build a custom enemy team with every hero that is present in the game with the talent level you want and made the way you want where you can fight with your own heroes. Also (to me at least) could be a great way to improve defence team and to create a funny defence.


The training mode I’d like to see is just within alliances… Unlimited war testing against your alliance during the countdown to the start of war (after matchmaking).

No direct reward and no energy cost. Just a chance to help your team create the best defenses for the coming war.


That’s another great idea I’d love to see that as well. What a good way to test certain defenses prior to making large roster moves. Could potentially save lots of resources and time


One thing that I don’t like is it’s very hard to “practice” for rush wars. That said, did ok and my alliance as a whole scored about the same as we always do. Was nice seeing different setups.

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Love that stuff, we’re rolling like that, still a few snipers in to replace but looks promising :thinking:

Never used QoH on war d, but think crippling specials is best skill in that one :thinking:
i think the combination of Puss and QoH could be the best thing in rush war :thinking:

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I am absolutely loving the new war rules… It makes me actually think and plan my teams and attacks :grin: i use to just kill now I strategize :slightly_smiling_face: Oh and I often fail now :woman_shrugging: always up for mastering a new challenge :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Ohhh I am loving this idea guys :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry if this has been asked but without reading the whole thread…

Does a mana buff hero increase mana gain over very fast mana, or is very fast mana the maximum?

E.g, does Boss Wolfs +24% mana generation make any difference at all?

Yes, it helps.

20 helps.

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Ah great thanks!

Anyone know the maths of how a +24% would stack on top of very fast mana?

In beta it was very polarising. Some loved it, some hated it. It’s “Marmite War”. It’s nothing new, having been in the tournaments for a while. The staff went on record to say the whole point of the new war rules is for it to be fun, which was nice.

Personally, I wasn’t a fan against 30x Telluria. But in a small alliance with mixed tanks and all co-ordinating hits at the same time, it was indeed great fun.

Not enough to get them charge with 5 tiles with buffs alone:

for them to charge with 5 tiles a 30% mana boost would be needed.

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Khagan and Quintus getting on my war defence. 2 times in row? With their reputations?



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