New War Rule -- ⏩ Rush Attack

I have a question, maybe this was asked already… In very fast war, will mana troops make a hero even faster?

Yes, at least in veryfast tournaments, so I don’t think it would be any different here.

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I expect rivers of tears after this war, much more than after every FA war. rush attack is a :poop: rule. the game is already too dependent on the boards, but at least roster and following some board play rules can help you survive bad boards longer. rush attack makes the board luck of the first few moves determine the outcome.


This is one reason why I opted out of wars. There is just too much frustration for such minuscule rewards.

This Rush Attack style war bonus just compounds the frustration. Im watching the war in spectator mode and I cant believe how many zero’s that both sides have put up.

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I’m not shedding any tears :joy: war was actually interesting this time with rush attack. Our opponents went blue tanks! Woohoo! Definitely not a mono kinda war. 3/2 worked best for offense


Frustration? Do people not play rush tournaments? Are people so engrained with not changing their defense teams that they become frustrated when they need to actually think more?


Not gonna lie heard some cries :rofl: only from peeps who never say anything at all!! It would be fun if it were like tournament leaving out an element.


I guess it depends on the defences, but from what I see, there isn’t much differences in the points that we are putting up this war.

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Yeah, we scored about as much as we usually do, and against 7DD no less!

I don’t think they’re quite done configuring their rush war defenses; there were a few 44xx and 45xx teams in there, and more fast heroes than I’d have expected. But I don’t expect we’ll face tougher rush war defenses any time soon either.

I enjoyed this format on my main account, because the roster is deep as hell, so it’s less dependent on board luck than most. But I struggled big time on my second (C2P) account, and can see why most folks will dislike rush wars. (Personally, I like the challenge, and I think I’ll do much better with team selection next time around. But it definitely forces you to rethink attack strategy , ESPECIALLY if you’re used to being a mono player like I am.)


You can guarantee at least one kill if you replace Azlar with the far more common Gormek.
I’m not saying literally any combo can win, but with some thought put into it, the odds are very good.

Happy to have some back and forth; been a minute :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll quote to make it easier on me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(& I’ll preface mine the same way, as I don’t mean offense either; I hate how easily text can be misconstrued, or misrepresent, what a person’s trying to say)

Of course top level players (that don’t have the bench depth, but +20 teams) and those who have leveled for the meta (ie fast mana) will see this rule as more or less a nuisance for that reason alone, but in my mind, this rule wasn’t necessarily tailored for top players with almost all fast 5* benches. & On that matter, why must it be, anyway?! As nearly all content is.

It’s for those who were unlucky, and were forced to max their Khagans, or Quintus, as that’s all they had. It’s for those who would rather get some use out of their “regretfully maxed heroes” for a change. It’s a chance for them to finally shine, shake up the status quo, and for those who have the usual suspects to make due (kinda like everyone who doesn’t have a great bench has to in literally every other war)

So yeah, it’s an inconvenience for those lot, but for those of us not as blessed with a top bench, or who choose to play differently, it’s a breath of fresh air.

You really can’t avoid the meta lol I raid in Platinum all the way to Diamond, and I still see heavy DOT teams with green tanks, fast heroes etc on damn near every team; DOT and fast mana rule this game right now. & Fast heroes almost always have lol - other than this past war, idk how they could ever shake it up so that isn’t so.

So although some might not actively participate in this way of play, you’re still forced to face it regardless, and counter appropriately. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it, but majority of the time you see people choosing speed over effect [when leveling] in order to be more relevant in this day and age.

Lol that’s what I mean tho. In this war rule, more TC20 will succeed here than most others, as a large majority are average (or slower) like the ones listed + a few forgotten others that most sigh in disappointment upon pulling (Owl, BW, Chameleon to name a few) To me, that’s what makes it so special, as that’s usually not the case

So that’s the thing, can we not appreciate an opportunity for different heroes to shine than what we almost always have everywhere else?

& What does it matter who chooses what to ascend? If someone really loves their slow heroes - even if they’re not fit for the everyday meta - and they wanna max em, more power to em! & This gives them yet another place for them to succeed and shine, where they otherwise might inevitably get passed over for the next once their bench gets fuller and/or the meta catches up to em.

You don’t need maxed or emblemed slow heroes to participate, or do well, in this tho. I have absolutely 0 and I still kicked butt enough to make it fun, and had close ones that had my heart beating out of my chest lol, so in some ways, same as it ever was. & On the other account, that has a majority of fast 5* heroes maxed/emblemed, I did well there too.

& That’s about making the most out of what I have, regardless of the circumstances.

So I do agree that it is about making the most with what you have, and this rule is another way of challenging that. I do think learning to adapt is important too; it’s what truly makes great players. It’s these kinda new rules that’ll help open the eyes to even more synergies to be had [in this game] and how to make use out of otherwise “permanently benched” heroes.

There’ll always be have and have nots in this game [in some sense]. Unless all heroes were basically equal, or nearly so, there’ll always be super excellent ones that shine in specific circumstances (Miki, Hel, Alfrike, Finley, Jabberwock, etc) and others you have to be creative with how you make them work almost as well for you (Thorne, Leonidas, Quintus, Vivica, etc.). Sometimes that means going mono, or 3-2, or sometimes it means throwing in a 3* like Nordri to assist you in an auto-kill [with certain heroes] upon charging.

First off, I never meant to insinuate that I think everyone has those heroes in their rosters. I read my post, and I don’t see that, but not intended. I don’t even have most of those high end 5* listed either lol. Though, six of those are TC20 heroes, and you only have one? That’s alarming and makes me question whether we’re even speaking the same language here lol I don’t pay much anymore and I still have 17/20 TC20 heroes, and all of the slows (from there). Those who don’t even have most of em probably don’t have much of a bench, so they’ll be fighting others with not much of a bench, and they’ll still make the best of it with slow 4* like Skittles and Little John. Ie heroes that have a hard time shining otherwise. Those at the 3* level will be using the likes of Jahangir, Oberon and Kailani, and idk, I think that’s pretty cool!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Well I’m sorry you had such a bad experience, but can’t say the same for me. My last hit I had a terrible starting board, no reds in sight, so I fired off on the passive supportive hero, and tank, til I could get going. One of my heroes dead and the rest almost, I still managed to pull a win, as my synergy between my heroes was that good that I just needed them to fire once for me to make it manageable. Granted, I got lucky that the hero that died was my defense dropper instead of my damage dealer or healer, but that’s just like any other raid/war for me (as I fight teams with 700+ TP than me). Had I not played the board the way I did, I know I would’ve lost. I’ve gotta be smart when doing my war hits as I’m always outmatched.

& That wasn’t the only one either. One of my first hits I had 3/5 of my heroes dead, and the last two on their last legs, facing two heroes with almost full health and another close to falling - I had to maneuver the board so that I could match and kill the one, and then strategically ghost to avoid the others in order to charge my SS safely (which is usually easy enough, but tiles don’t always play nice together to avoid heroes/combos, and it’s hard to stay alive without a healer).

I’ve been playing for (well, almost) three years now, so have enough under my belt to know whether a win was due to a good board or good board manipulation. A few of my wins, probably about half, were definitely the former - with a diamond or heavy tiles loaded in the color I needed within the first three moves - but not all were that. You need a good mix of luck and skill for most any good hits (amazing and unworkable boards obviously don’t count in that). Same is true here, you just have a lot less to work with [in comparison]

So although it may be true that these matches were decided much earlier, ie there was considerable less time for board manipulation, you’ve still got half a chance to work a mediocre board into your favor if you choose the right combo of heroes and where to throw your tiles, appropriately.

In VF tournies, I always place either Top 1% or 5%, and almost always make it to the last day with hits remaining. Maybe if I did it on occasion you could say that’s luck, but not everytime. Same with anyone else who can say that. Although conversely, I suck at most 3* tournies. Idk why, just do.

So what I’m trying to say is that we all have places we especially excel at, and places we don’t. Some may have to do with luck, but I think a lot of it is knowing your team, your target, and any stipulations involved. Knowing your strengths (and weaknesses). For me? I’ve gotta be fast and strategic with my kills, as my heroes can’t take much. So that means VF doesn’t really phase me, as that’s my normal sorta play; go after teams with at least 500 more TP than me, no matter if my team is 3600 or 4100, and hope to kill em fast enough before they definitely kill me. I can’t even rely on tile damage solely, as one match from me is rarely enough to kill the tank. So gotta hope for a halfway decent board that’ll allow me to fire at least once. That’s true no matter the rules in raids/war [for me].

For some, it is about the synergy; I know it is for me. & Lack thereof is huge. How else do you think I can go up against much stronger opponents and even have a chance? It’s cuz I know which heroes work well together, so that all I’ve gotta do is charge em once. Sure, most people around the forums here understand synergy (I mean, walk into almost any thread and you’ll read about it), but the forum is, what, 5% of the gaming population here?! Most don’t understand it [like that]. I know cuz I used to be the one helping em with it, and still sometimes do lol

Obviously an issue for a lot is the fact that it’s almost impossible to play it out [like they usually would]. So I guess for me, why it works (like I explained above), is that’s always the case for me. One or two wrong SS firing and I’m toast - no matter the rules. So I pick my targets accordingly, and know where to dump in case it gets messy. But since I also play with a more run of the mill team too, that does have maxed 5* with emblems going against the toughest 4600-4700 ones, I know that isn’t just that either.

I don’t dispute that within the first several turns the match is decided, and I understand a lot of people don’t like that. However, although there’s less chance for board manipulation here, it is still possible. I’ve seen and had many matches [in tourneys] (neither spelling looks right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) that I’ve won (and lost) because of the moves I made rather than being 100% dependent on the board.

& As far as tourney rules go, yeah there are stipulations, but how much harder is it to take out a Alfrike +20 tank without holy to help break her? So I could see an argument being made the other way too. It’s just people seem to take wars a lot more seriously for some reason (even though the rewards are so much :poop:-ier), therefore are more upset about VF being used in this media than another.

My alliance and I? We really don’t care or take it that seriously; it’s about changing it up and having fun (for us) which a lot did (and some… well didn’t lol but not to the extent of opting out or anything, just that they preferred other rules). I chalked that up to us being a lot more “casual-competitive” as a Top 300 alliance, as we’re more go with the flow, where those who are more competitive (ie Top 100) might see it in a different light win or lose


Suffice to say that clearly opinions vary here, and I knew going in I was going against the grain. But me personally? I enjoyed it immensely; making use out of my Khagan, Colen, Justice, Isarnia, Viv, Azlar, Atomos, LJ and Skittles was a blast.

Tbh, I actually wasn’t a fan of the effect reset war, as I rely heavily on effects to make up for my lack of firepower. I can see why some would enjoy those, as with a strong enough roster that can hold their own, it takes some thought on how to properly combat [that].

However, just cuz I didn’t enjoy it, doesn’t mean I want it gone. Clearly people do, and with a game like this that can easily become repetitive and dull for a lot of people, I appreciate any reasonable effort made, and additions granted [to the game], that’ll hopefully add to that enjoyment - combatting the monotony that we all inevitably end up seeing/feeling eventually, at one time or another.

So for some of us, this war was a joy;

Let it be known :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course you did, there was extra yellow on the boards due to Guardians of Teltoc :smile:
You should have told your other players to also go yellow mono!.

Hi Chenz

Those points just go onto the other teams, it only works if you have a one really strong defence team in your alliance, otherwise this tactic just backfires on you. The opponent gets the points easy from the 1* team… but they have to work harder to get the points from the higher defence teams.

Also you will find it causes problems with the opponent fighting over who doesn’t want to waste a turn just to score a few points.
The opponents we go against generally have a deep roster of mono attack teams.
We know our war score and roster, so for someone to match against us we know they have same war score and thus similar roster.

Every turn is potentially lethal so who wants to use a 4000 mono attack team to kill 1* players.? They still have to use one of their turns.
You find internally with alliances it’s not just about winning, they are all fighting over the top attacker spot.

Again, this only works if they fail to kill your most powerful teams. They still get 1500 points every time they kill all your teams.

War score is based on power of the top 30 heros from each player participating in the war.
If you put a really weak team in the war, i mean really really weak. I.e. roster consists of 5 1* players. Then you get a weaker opponent, although now bear in mind you will now be fighting with one player less. I.e. They get 6 more turns than you.
It all evens itself out whichever way you do it.

Play about with it and you will see how it works.

Totally agree TGW
We are using attack teams far less powerful than the opponents defence team… only using mono can a 3700 attack team destroy a 4600 defence team with war rules like this.

Olmor with the full 5* attack teams you have a high war score and it’s only serving the purpose of getting your alliance more difficult opponents.
Its not an efficient strategy for war match making.

I was thinking BT, Gormek and Azlar initially but then rememembered you said 5s so I changed it… but even BT, Gormek and Azlar won’t initially kill off anyone unless they are already damaged. Possibly at the end of the burn period?

The response that this deserves will get flagged. So let’s go with no response at all

One shotted a team very similar to this with Noor, Baldur, Zimkitty, Grazul and Seshat.

after the war finished i got to say i enjoyed much more than i imagined.

great to use heros that are rarely used being utilised and they feel amazing to play!
loved it!

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I got attacked 10 times in the end and they got only 15 points from me :smiley:

@Kilted : Yes mono is what you have said…but, in Rush attack, the number of moves that a mono requires is reduced by 1-2 … which increases the risk BUT, the benefit is still the same as earlier…
Mono is in question ? with rush attack war in my experience…

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