New War Rule -- ⏩ Rush Attack

Right, but that’s for running mono with full maxed teams.

I don’t have full maxed teams. If I’m going up against opponents who overall have stronger benches and defense than I do? I am absolutely at the mercy of the boards either way. I don’t have the luxury of saying “oh well I’ll just put 2 Alfrikes, a Mother North, and a couple of Onatels on my team”.

I don’t have those heroes.

My best bet is… if I see green heroes that need killed? Stack Boldtusk, Gormek, Scarlett, Colen, Kelile.

Go in, hope for red tiles, and murderize the crap out of them! If no red tiles and the opponents are ready to heal? RUN AWAY WITH YOUR TAIL BETWEEN YOUR LEGS!!! :dizzy_face:


Mana troops 11 for 6 tile charge. That’s the key here imo not 5*.
There are several devastating epic slowies, too. Colen, Little John, Jott, Frank, Hu Tao, Shadereave. All charged by 6 tiles on mana troops 11.


good point. I’ve been getting all my mana troops to lvl5 as far as I can. (I only have one Purple mana troop, so that usually goes to my biggest game changer, Proteus - he can stall the enemy long enough to charge the rest).

and nice hits btw. your advice indeed works for those with deep rosters :slight_smile: I just meant to point out it doesn’t work for all players - but for those with enough bench depth, they should definitely take your advice.


Hey @TGW, hope all is well. Respect for your point of view and you should do whatever necessary to give yourself the best odds of success. But, my reply to the above post you read had much more to do with the post stating that you don’t need a ‘good board’ for mono in these very fast wars and a couple of matches is all that’s needed. My point was that a couple of good matches IS a good board in these very fast wars if going mono or even 4-1. If going mono is your best bet based on roster and opposition than absolutely use that. My issue was with the post I replied to and the implication that getting a couple of good matches was a given or even easy which is 100% not true.


All good! I have absolutely learned a lot from these forums, from people who have much better rosters than I have. Many of their strategies have worked out quite well for me. But there are also other times when I have asked for advice on something that was difficult for me, and the response I get are mostly “you should use X hero instead of that one you’re using”

But… I don’t have X hero… :worried:

Forum says “then you should absolutely get that hero”


We all know the nature of the game. How the summons work. We don’t all have all the heroes. Even in cases where we do, we don’t always have enough mats to ascend them.

So we all make do with the best that we’ve got available. :slightly_smiling_face:

That means that occasionally, we all have to resort to different strategies in order to be successful.

Just so happens that I have found mono teams to be quite effective in my own personal experience. Yes of course I am at the mercy of RNG… but I see posts on here all the time from big spenders with strong teams complaining because they lost a raid to a lower level team due to a bad board… so aren’t we all largely at the mercy of RNG?

Some matches are given, one way or another, automatically, from the start of the fight, based on the boards and the heroes that each side put up. To say that every fight is potentially winnable through skill alone - well that is just patently false. Some fights cannot possibly be won. And not for lack of skill on the part of either side. “Skill” does not determine the heroes we are able to pull from portals. “Skill” does not determine our starting boards, or even the tiles we get after disposing of multiple useless tiles. “Skill” only comes into play when you have enough heroes in your roster to match up together for good synergies, and when you have enough decent tiles on the board to be able to move them in your favor.

Sometimes even the most skilled of players can lose a battle due to either a bad board, or their opponents having an overpowered defensive lineup. It doesn’t mean that they suck at the game.


Well, if donations/trading was somehow allowed then I’d have at least a couple of killer dupes headed your way @TGW :smile: Thoughtful posts here on the forum are worth that at the very least. But alas, trading or donating is a subject for another thread.


Would absolutely appreciate it, and fully appreciate the thought!

But it will never be allowed, for obvious reasons. Not only would that hurt SG’s profit margin, but it would also open up the game to all sorts of scammers posing as traders. And as much as I would love to have the opportunity to trade stuff with my alliance mates to help us all improve our own rosters, it would not be worth the risk of bringing in a sudden influx of bots/ scammers / spammers / “gold” sellers etc. I am almost 100% certain that would happen if E&P were to ever allow any sort of trading system, and it’s simply not worth it.

I did recently pull my very first Proteus, finally. Will be a while still before he is finished, but at least that is one “must have” hero I can finally cross off my wanted list.


This war more then any other is about tiles. There’s not much strategy. You either get tiles or you don’t.

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Mono teams are the only team setup that worked for me here against those 4400+ teams with Mother North and Alby. You either dish out enough damage fast and kill those revivers or you end up with nothing.

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What I could see is that the slow healers such as Kunchen and Vivica and MN (not included Heimdall, as there wasn’t any enemy team with him as a tank) were ironically useless in this war, especially if they were in the tank or both sides. I didn’t notice Telluria’s slow mana generation either.

They just gave me more time to charge and then release the specials against the strongest enemy.

I used also mainly Rainbow. Mostly because i don’t have 5 mana 11 troops for each color.

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I did 3 flags mono, and 3 flags 2-1-1-1. Result = Board vs the defender line up > anything else. I mono red against Zocc tank, barely got him and him alone killed. Mono on the other 2 flags went full kill.

Alfrike and Zocc are imo the 2 evilest heros to have for rush buff, jfc that is just painful.

Our alliance didn’t do too well against purple tanks, but our top 3 hitters (myself included) all got 5/6 one shots from running mono.

Yes, the risk is there. But it is somewhat less dependent on a bad board as you only need 2 matches to get all the specials up (assuming you have 11+ mana troops). In VF it is also much more critical to kill the tank early so stacking for tile damage is more important). And as someone else pointed out all of your specials charge up at the same time, give or take 1 tile

Unlike raid tourneys where the favorable strong element is absent against the tank, very fast war also favors mono, not only because you only need not more than 5 tiles directed to the enemy tank, it also allows mono user to speed up mana filling on the empty dead tank when ghosting. Really, with mono, tanks are usually killed by the strong tiles. For what its worth, our mono users in the alliance performed well and will now declare personally that i love very fast mana wars as a mono user. We won our latest war even if the enemy alliance has a strong roster of players.


I think it´s very personal, I am not a fan of mono at all, but I realized that going 2-2-1 vs sturdy and problematic tanks my chances are lower because they will be able to fire.

If you are short on roster variety and key elements (for example I only have 3 4* dispellers in my roster and are 2 Sabinas and 1 Caedmon - who is also my only cleanser as costume) You must go all or nothing with the board.

When doing clean shot it´s the same. if you combine weaker heroes vs a hard to play against team (Vivica+Wilbur+ C-Rigard) It´s better to rely on tile damage than in special attacks.


IMO 3-2 is vastly superior to mono in these, because you double your chances of a good board, which is all that matters.

Even with a random assortment of s1 5*s, 3 heroes of a colour is more than enough to guarantee you win if you get 7 tiles and use the three specials.

5 heroes of a single colour on the other hand are vastly overkill (7 full mono tiles + 5 specials is enough to murder about 9 heroes these days), so you’re wasting potential while being at the mercy of the boards.


I don’t think this is true… If you have Elena as one of the heroes then you may have a chance as the waiting enemy specials may end up frying themselves. But say you had Azlar, Majanna and Khagan - that combo is far from guaranteeing a single kill, much less a raid win. Vivica, Joon & Justice - you buy yourself a lot of time, but far from guaranteeing a win. Especially given the caliber of defenses you are likely facing. I find - at least in my own experiences - “guaranteeing” a win varies on the special itself. A well timed Lady Loki special is almost enough by itself. But C Rig, Tiburkiss, Grimble, C Quintus together are required to guarantee the win. 3 of them would not be enough and is quite recoverable. Especially when you consider that you can have VF revivers facing you…

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Went 4-1 with mono and instead of a 6th weaker mono team decided to go rainbow with my “alternates” and it worked out :grin:


That’s your ‘F’ team? :dizzy_face:


Haha :grimacing:

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