New War Rule -- ⏩ Rush Attack

Between 3*, 4* and 5* we have a 5* rush virtually every 3 months or so (I’m only taking 5* into account because 3* and 4* heroes you can max as many as you want without issues, 4* ascension materials are the real limiting factor)…


Yes, I am interested. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Is it available somewhere in Portuguese? I would like to read it. Thanks in advance.

Really? I get that it takes time to accumulate the 4* mana troops. But honestly, levelling your troops will have the biggest impact on every aspect of your game from titans, to wars, tournaments, events and raiding.

I don’t get why it’s not a priority for everyone…it’s slow to level them but well worth it!

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I get your reasoning, but I’m almost a year in the game, and I can tell it’s hard to build the base, level bunch of heros and have the food for leveling troops. That said, I managed to get 1 rainbow set of mana troops up to lvl 11, and the other set is at lvl 5. The logic is simple - I had to have decent heros for those mana troops to have the real impact. Now, I do feel like I can put more focus on leveling troops.

But there are other possibilities…costume bonus, talent bonus (family bonus) … you really don’t need that many lvl 11 mana troops.

I am able to get 4 blue heroes down to 6 tiles on the same war team and only having 1 mana troop above 11. Really!

All you need is 9% bonus. SonyaC+20 (Druid 4% and 5% costume bonus) gets 9% without even using a mana troop at all…so I can even give her my crit troop.

Really wished that SG would display the value before starting the battle.

Pls support my request by voting if you like the idea,too.

Display active crit & mana bonus during battle

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You have my vote!

Not What I said, I have

For those of us that have been here for 2,5-3 years it’s not only possible but expected to have multiple sets of leveled troops, but try to recall when you had 12-18 months in game, not enough maxed heroes to have all your war and titan teams consistent how hard it was to dedicate the resources to level troops, specially multiple sets of a single color…

The Original version is in portuguese Victor, I was saying I could translate it if people got interested.
You can find it here:

Gonna translate it and post it here ^^


Thank you @Jabarj. :slightly_smiling_face: I really appreciate it.

small special for “Rush Attack”

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I made some dorky videos in English about building teams for rush, more aimed at mid game/beginners though

Hope someone finds it helpful :slight_smile:

In that second example, yes usually you don’t want to combine attack down/def up with counterattack and I actually ended up using Joon and Rigard for the purple and yellow slots in actual war.


Correct explanation! Well done! :ok_hand: :clap:


I find it useful. After today’s war, definitely gonna put more priority to mana troops and having heros I can charge in 6 tiles when building my team. Even though it means I’ll have to play 2-2-1 or similar setup, which is different from my usual play style. So, new perspective in team building is needed. Thanks! :slight_smile:


@Jabarj Sorry to disturb. I don’t do Facebook, but I’d really like to take a look at your guide. I can understand Portuguese, is there any other place where I could find it?

Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

I reply more than I post a topic so I hope this is the right place. I’m wondering about this last war (Dec 22nd). It was rush attack, so I got me a 3/2 of fast/very fast and went in expecting a decent fight. I honestly was defeated in 5 or 6 moves and not one of my heroes fired their special? It was like the rush part was for the other alliance and not my heroes! It was almost like my heroes needed the usual amount of tiles to fire and not rush amount. Then second half I go in with a team of all average and I take out the opposing team in like 5 moves!!! I like to think I’m an experienced player who understands about synergy and 3/2 4/1 teams, but this war seemed like there was a glitch or something. I help admin a E&P FB group and I’ve seen a few posts saying basically the same thing I am. So am I missing something? Did anyone else notice anything off with this last war? I’d like to be able to give some people an answer that makes sense, but I can’t think of one…


Yes! I thought it was just my imagination.

The other rush attack wars, my own specials seemed to charge faster too. This time it seemed like only my opponents charged faster.

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Well what you need to do is take heroes who are average or slower in preference to fast speeds. Sounds like you didn’t do that in first half? Slower base speed heroes are better here

Other key is positioning your mana troops. Put your level 11+ troops on the heroes you need to fire to stay in or win, and if you have costumed heroes they can get by with a level 1 mana troop and still fire in six tiles

But sometimes despite the best setups and attention to these details, we get board screwed. Everyone gets that sometimes.


I still think there was something different in this war. The other fast attack wars, my specials were charging rapidly. This last war, they were charging at their normal rate, while my opponents’ specials were charging every other turn.

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I felt like it was as previous. It is still a crap rule set though and I intensely dislike it, so I hope you find a bug in it and it gets canceled


I might be confusing battle aids… was this last war the same “fast mana” rule as the one before? Because I distinctly remember in the war before this one, my specials were charging at least twice as fast as they normally do… so were my opponents’ specials, but being able to charge mine quickly allowed me to counter a lot of their attacks.

Whereas this last war… my opponents were hitting me every other turn and my specials did not charge any faster than they usually do. I basically had to rely entirely on the boards themselves (RNG) to win any battle.

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