New war pause, new update - any guess what's coming?


Any guesses what we can expect?

Maybe per player war opt out? :thinking:

Was anything else mentioned maybe?

I think it would be awesome to finally get war cup matching system…


Per the shortlist, atleast war chest is supposed to come out.


Edit: so to clarify the next release will be 15.0 with presumably the War Chest and individual war opt-out features.


A war cup system would be great. It’ll be rough in the beginning but it 2ould balance out and make for more even wars.


Agreed @Boydadd, and I think a lot of other people are looking forward to the same change… hopefully they do manage to get this into v16, and hopefully that release isn’t too far away. Either way, it’s for sure good to know this change is on the horizon, not too far away.


That’s nice news! Thank you :bowing_man:

I always get lost in that insanely huge topic :sob: I appreciate your help :+1:


Yeah. A few of us was just taking about maybe 1 cup earned per hero you defeat during a war and 1 cup lost every time someone defeats one of your heros. Each member would have their own war cup count and the total cups all members have is calculated in the match.


I’m sure the developers could calculate something better than me. I do believe introducing a war cup system would change the wars greatly. I do understand that everyone would start with 0 cups so it would take a little while for the wars to balance out. Maybe something similar to raids as far as the amount of cups each person is worth instead of points. The more cups someone has, the more of a target they become.


I’m not sure if it’ll necessarily be a cup system exactly like raids or not, but as for the starting point I believe they’ve hinted some time ago that the current match making metrics would possibly be used to seed that. Not perfect as we all know, but probably better than starting everyone at the exact same level, because then surely a lot of really lopsided matches would happen in the beginning. Some might say that is happening now… but I suspect it would be worse. Could be wrong. We’ll see what happens… the important thing is this should change the system for the better over time of course, not just the beginning.


I heard about the visibility of war flags, so that we can see how many attacks everyone has.


I expect a cup system for alliances and not players.


Awesome. A war chest that I can never fill because we get slaughtered by some Russian alliance featuring 4 or 5 fully maxed HOtM or special event heros on every single team. Super pumped for that.


that would be awesome!

@Aboisso27 hm maybe war chest would be based on participation? or used flags or something, not per win… I agree that winning would be crazy requirement since match system is reportedly flawed for many alliances and they have like more than 10 losses in a row

@ChoppedLiver do you know/remember if anything more is said about war chest, maybe someone from beta mentioned that? :thinking: I can’t recall seeing that stuff…


Can only hope, my friend.


I don’t think I’ve seen any more specific info on the war chest either… but my first thought was that it’s supposed to be like other “wanted mission” chests, so it will fill after presumably winnning X number of wars? Not 100% sure about that, I hadn’t thought of other options like used flags or maybe individual war battles won - I like the idea of that, especially as long as the matching is what it is now. That would also work to motivate people to use their attacks the best way they can. If it is indeed only going to fill with war wins only, like you implied that will be pouring salt in the wounds of those that keep getting war matches they can’t win…

Whatever the details, personally I’m looking at it as a new chance at rewards we didn’t have before.


War chest will count for every alliance WIN, sorry
I heard 5 war wins open the chest


I can see the war chests being exactly like the other 3 we currently have, meaning a high probably of all farmable materials. Anything with a greater possibility for rare items is unlikely given past evidence.

Of course they will say it’s another chance for rare items, which will be technically true.


What if you had a system similar to raiding where a team can re-roll in order to get a better match. A certain time frame before the war, to be able to do it, and/or certain amount of re rolls with in a time frame. The cost can be spread to the whole alliance.


Interesting dynamic… a re-roll would suddenly force the other alliance to need a new opponent also, I suppose that would be like a forced re-roll for them, and probably not cost them since they didn’t initiate it? Could make things interesting for sure… but to be honest I don’t expect that’s a feature we will see, at least not in the beginning. But I’ve been known to be wrong, maybe more than right, lol… :slight_smile:


How on earth would you do that?

All teams will be paired with another team so who should you reroll to get? And even if you say left some teams unpaired so you could reroll and select an unpaired team, wouldn’t you reroll until you found a team you could beat and then that team would reroll so as not to face you but find another team they could beat.