New war features

Im going to start this with telling about how i misunderstood the AW description regarding bonus points on 'defeating a defending team'. I had stated to my fellow alliance members that i had read when we defeat the opposing alliance we would get bonus points. we were super psyched when our alliance worked together and there were only a few defending teams left in the opposing alliance and we still had several players left to attack. 2 teams left...1...and RESET! AWESOME! Wait, what?!? Where are our bonus points? Oops! i did some more digging and asked around and it was confirmed that there are no bonus points for defeating the whole alliance, just the entirety of 1 defending team. Well, why not? We were all dissapointed a little, yes it was my doing, yes we still had bragging rights, and were still leading the war by a large gap, but the workup, only for dissapointment. Much like the loot for winning the wars. 
Well it got us to talking, not even just about 'missing' bonus points, but why not when the major respawn happens we at least get 3 extra hits? Even if the heros we already used still arent available: the other alliance now has extra lives, can we have extra hits on them? There was also talk about an AW chest. The wars havent given out much for loot, banner here, potion there...but fill a chest (similar to titan defeats) and get a reward that way, gives us something to WANT to fight the wars for. Not just 'oh yay, killed their team'. I know quite a few players have had similar qualms with loot...or lack there of. And while i understand the reasoning for spacing certain loot out, i think this would be a decent compromise.

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