New war feature - Dispelling or Freezing Field Support - please vote and comment!

Hi all. We all know how frustrating is field support and how it can turn upsite down our dules with enemy players. Exactly medical treatment when the defender has three healers in the team.
Basic on my war expierience I had ost a lot of battles exactly because of field support has heleped my enemy a lot.

I want to present You an easy way to have more influence on the battle.

During battle player can spend one of his hero’s special ability to dispell or freeze field support.
Yes, hero loses all his mana and special ability but can do it for useful reasons. Of course only offensive heroes can do it ( I mean Boril, Cyprian, Kirill, Belith, Vivica, etc. are unable to do it).

The bar of support might be:

  1. stopped for 3 turns (not regenerates)
  2. decreased to previous status
  3. decreased to zero

I’m not sure which solution will bring the best fight duraton but in my opinion the best will be decreasing status bar to previous state.

It gives an attacking player new possibility to have influence on a battle! Please vote if You like it and discuss if You think it should be moderated :wink: