New War Defense Team Autofill Not Filling Default Team


The new war autofill defense team is not necessarily filling the slots with the default team. Not only that, but it is putting the team in the wrong order.
For instance, a teammate of mine has her default team as:

Valen, Belith, Bold Tusk, Balthazar, Dawa
and the autofill has them in as
Bold Tusk, Belith, Balthazar, Valen, Dawa

Her team is going to get crushed right off the bat if we can’t get a hold of her before the war starts to have her fix them.

Let me clarify here: I have my defense team SET. I always do and DID.
My team, butchered by having my main tank removed and replaced by another hero that was 300 power points LOWER, and then one of my other slow-mana flankers put in the wing. Oh, yah, good place for him.

Personally, I don’t feel this method is a good idea and it either should be scrapped, or the AI upgraded. I can fill my OWN team, thank you.

Mad Mare (Maddie)


You should not get in the habit of autosetting your AW def team this is a bad way to go.
I remind all of our alliance constantly to check their def team. Otherwise you just trundle along thinking it is the best but you can experiment or ask others their opinion.
Auto fill is not a great way to go as you have found out


Autofill does what it is supposed to do. Automatically fill the team without thinking.
If you use brains (what players do) they are always able to make a better team than the autofill option will do. Autofill does not see synergy between hero’s or where a hero is best placed…
So best is try to avoid the autofill option at all times.


While I do understand what both of you are saying, not all people or alliances are intermediate to advanced players of the game. They don’t understand the mechanics of how things work.

Wouldn’t It be a simple solution for the AI to autofill the slots with the player’s defense team – in the same order the player has it in?

That’s what gets me. It’s a simple solution. It’s the same thing that shows up when you view their profile, so the code, or part of it, is already in place. Reuse it.

Mad Mare (Maddie)


Don’t rely on auto fill ever.
You alliance leader or co leaders even ally members are far more intelligent than AI will ever be… also AI does not allow for an alliance picking a certain colour tank across the board


Not all alliance leaders or co-leaders get involved or take an interest in things of this nature.

Mad Mare