New War bug after update?

So my attack I killed off the opponents team and it’s listed as a Zero point attack and my team was used up. A message popped saying server error. Is this a common occurrence after this last update? 11-17-2018


It’s been an ongoing issue for a long time unfortunately.

Oh No Compensation time :rofl:

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@Resol You still enjoying trolling people?

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I’m having the same issue. I used up all my flags just to try and defeat 1 player and only receiving connection errors.

not trolling just voicing the will of the ppl who are bugged. if you search past bugs i mearly voice the ppl will of compensation for the bug issues. if u took it as bad/trolling sry. im on the player’s side. :pray:

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Looks like opponent used a flag on a co-member who only had guin left and got a 0. Guin has full health still.

Same thing happened to me, when I went to attack an opponent, I already saw the 0 in the upper right and I hadn’t attacked yet, I cleared all remaining 4 heroes for what should have been 40 points and the screen went to the blue “Reported connection error” I was at home wifi on and no lost outages. I hope I’ll get the points for the attack or fix the bug and give me one more attack.

Hi all would like to understand what happened in the algorithem in this war. My clan is 53K and we were figthing with a almost 58K. Its was not a war but a massacre. Also less, yesterday evening 23h30m portuguese time. Less than one hour my team was killed and revived. Can you please help to explain? Thanks

I can’t speak for the matchmaking, but if every one of your alliance defense teams is dead at the same time, they are all reset snd revived immediately.

Is this your Alliance score or your Alliance WAR score?

Your Alliance score is what you see when you go into your Alliance screen. This score is not used for matchmaking. This score takes into account raids and titan scores which are not part of matching.

Your Alliance WAR score is found by tapping on the ‘?’ Beside your Alliance score. At the bottom of the pop-up box, you’ll see your Alliance War Score. This is used for matching alliances for war. This score reflects data that is used for matching including: The top 30 heroes for each participating war member, the highest troop of each color for each alliance member, and a few other things.

You can also look at your opponents score to compare them. Although, they update often so the numbers may be a little off from where they were when your alliances were matched.

My alliance (Insomnia) had 2 people (agape1 and (Doomweaver) who couldn’t attack in War because the game said they were already attacking. Doomweaver was just selecting his heroes to attack Humon of the Ramos alliance and it froze on him. Then he ended up receiving a zero score and Lost the flag. Please look into this potential bug.

Btw, his internet connection was fine from home.

This was around 5:29am PST that it happened.

Hopefully the details help. Let me know if you need any other detail to help with troubleshooting.

Love the game. You guys are awesome.

Yes. We are going to lose to an alliance that is less than equal to us. I just watched a 2400 powered team use her 4th through 6th teams to wipe out one of our best players who has a power of almost 3600. How in the hell is that even possible. That is just an example. We had a 2800 power team take out our top member that has an almost 4100 power team. It’s been happening since this war began. Something is really buggy about this war.

That sounds strange. I could be that the 2400 player was dropping cups and showing lower levelled heroes?

Matching is based on top 30 heros and has nothing to do with cups…
Our war was a massacre as well. Seems of you win one you get matched to lose with no hope in next 2 minimum

We thought that too. The other team has 80k in power. We are at 94k. We have heard of people doing that but our guys repeatedly got bad boards. It never stopped after our first round of attacks. We lost by 700+ points. To an alliance with 80k points? That is unreal.

Correction. After the first three of us attacked and killed their first groups. After that our top people got crap for boards. How in the hell could someone repel a 3500+ attacks from multiple people in our alliance with a 2400 defense? That’s freaking impossible. Unless some hack was being used or the Alliance War was bugged. It’s impossible.

Hi Lady Suzanne, in fact I was speaking about the alliance score.

Thank for sharing the way to see the correct score. But even lokking at it ou score was 115K and the other clan almost 118.5K. more than 3k differerce.

Hi Paulon

Did not know that, it was the 1st time that all the members were kill. Thank you for the tip.

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