New video is up! BEATING TELLURIA (Tips on Team Setup and Tile Play) (english subs)



I’ve just started my Youtube channel and as you’d imagine, i’m starving for feedback to figure out what to do. Please support my channel by watching my videos and let me know what you think. If you like and subscribe, that would be just awesome!



I’d advise you to just put up your content with no expectations. People will watch a video that is marketed (description) honestly. Stats will tell you where your traffic is coming from. Good luck.

Thank you very much for your input, much appreciated. I actually have no idea of what to expect either :slight_smile:

My best bet would be to get as many opinions as i can get from a diverse crowd so i just put it up there and announced here.

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My experience is that people are pretty excellent and polite. But mostly be totally honest in your description. “I killed ‘Velluria’ with just 6 tiles” (showing them both at 4:10) will get views but almost zero respect and repeats.

That’s so true. I’m not after that at all

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I uploaded my last war hits and some exciting battles went down, check it out!

As my channel is new, i need feedback a lot. Please watch and tell me what you think.

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It’s time for my first edited video ever!

It’s the video of my hits in the last war, and some of those battles were really tough. It even came down to delivering the 5th oneshot in my last flag, with 1 min on the clock! It was so much fun and excitement.

I went berserk on this one if you consider that i’ve never done anything related to that before, not even having done a boomerang before. I trimmed it, added some visuals and even did a freaking voiceover, but it was totally worth it, i enjoyed learning and doing all that.

Hope you guys enjoy this video, i’m craving for you guys to send some feedback my way so that i have a better idea of what i’m supposed to do next or what i’m not doing right. I value negative and positive comments equally and extremely high. Feedback is the most important for me right now, even saying that you stooped watching because i suck :))

Thank you for stopping by, consider clicking like and subscribe if you do enjoy my video!

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I see you have a fully emblemed Almur. I’m considering that. My Ursena is +20 and I’ve used no other sorcerer emblems. I’m still leveling him up. Used him on a 14* today and he took a hit!!

I’m very content with almur. his damage sucks but as you can see i run an emblemed kadilen and unemblemed lianna but they can take out any hero together and hurt others. because i’m used to playing with evelyn, i just run a dispeller in that team as well

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My new video is up! I’m showing tips on team selection and tile play against telluria tanks.

Hope it makes you to think about your teams in a different way and make use of your roster a bit more.

There are English subtitles, I made sure it’s a smooth watching experience.

Enjoy and don’t forget to comment, I need your feedback, it’s the most valuable thing to me in this.

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