New Viable Purple Tank: Kageburado?

Do you think he will be a viable tank?


should work wonder as flank / Side. Why purple?! should stick as Red! :smile:

Are the last 2 dots separate effects capable of triggering both upon same activation or is it same effect conditionally powered up?

Whatever the case is the AI doesn’t have the “intelligence” to use single target nukes by themselves, let alone a debuff and a conditional power up. Most often than not the special will go wasted.

nop. I think we find more in the flank position :grin::grin:
but I think it can also be a tank because it’s mana very fast. I am annoyed with the hero where mana very fast is really frustrating :disappointed::disappointed:

Think of joon with very fast mana and better defense


Flank for sure. He’s not beefy enough in defense/health for my liking, but I’m sure he could still hold his own. I just think he’d be better in the flank position than as a tank; although, he could work well in the wings too. Great hero


One thing to consider: Kageburado is part of the Sakura family, which gives a boost to mana generation when paired with one or more family members. A Kageburado tank with Mitsuko and Inari flanks, all with mana troops, might be pretty devastating just because of the charge speed.


I’m just thinkin if lianna, marjana, or sartana can work in tank position, why not this guy?


Think we’d probably see mits tank with kage and inari flanks but either order would work

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I’ve met mit as a tank a couple of times and find her not good in that position. Also, having kage, inari and mit requires hell lots of gems or luck to get.

I probably see him as one more addition to counter Guin.
I was surprised to see him as purple as I thought he was a red.

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They swapped him and mits awhile back

Now instead of guin and double graves or guin zel and grave

We’ll see guin double kage and double grave

Or guin kage grave zel and panther

Look forward to the complaint threads in the coming weeks lol


Maybe I will quit this game when the time comes. :rofl:

You’re not quitting lol

That’s like me sayin I’m quitting


Does not any 5* hero “work” somehow? LOL

He would certainly punish you for sending tiles at him early.

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Not necessarily lol there’s still some i target in raids due to their lack luster abilities and stats

Khagan, thorne, richard, g owl, horghall, obakan, zim, thoth, I’ll add more as i think of them. I just know when i skimming past guin or grave tanks, there’s always some that catch my eye due to suckin at the tank position. Usually any healer besides guin is an easy target


As I got many of mentioned heroes I use them. They are better than most 4*s…and what shall I say? I works! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol well of course you have to use what you have

But i was more so comparing any hero to any hero whether i have the heros or not lol

Get what you’re puttin down though, stick with what works!


Have to use what I’m dealt with right? :rofl:

Lmao hey Mok + 4 kages lol you’re set!!!

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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