New version for Android 1.9.8

My friend, who played on Android, update game to 1.9.8 in Google play. But I find on PC in Google play only 1.9.7 version.
When released on iOS?

Hi, we haven’t released the iOS update yet, we’re hoping to release it soon.

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Why in “News & update” haven’t information about new version?

We’ll make an announcement once we are ready to roll out the update for everyone (will be after the Challenge Event, so early next week). :slight_smile:


Will the mystic vision bug be fixed in this new update? I can’t use it since day 1 as is not enabled

Please try these:

None of the above represent my problem, so I am asking by any chance can we move all the progress to my other account that has this tower activated, such way I can benefit from it as is a game changer in my opinion.

@Wrathfly please contact support and we can investigate this further. Go to Options > Support > Tap Support button. You can create a new ticket by tapping the three vertical lines and then “submit a request” link.

did that and received the usual answer " Thank you for the message and I am sorry to hear that you are unable to access the Mystic Vision.

We are aware of the issue that prevents some players from seeing ads on the Mystic Tower. Please note that there might be limited availability of the ads based on your location. In some cases the issue is temporary, so if you’ve just encountered it, please try again a bit later" same answer 2 times in a row :slight_smile: , tell me what to do?