New vampires vs old healers


Can any beta tester legally tell us how the halloween monsters did vs the guin/viv/delilah tanks, pls.


It’s not a hard counter but they can be helpful against Guin/Del.
I think it’s within the realm to say that a current feature to the Vampires is that they steal a portion of the healing the target gets. So yes, being very fast it is likely that you can use the vampire on a healer before they go off. But this won’t make Guin any less dominating.


Is it the 5* that is purple? Jabbar would work nicely on a stacked attack team.


They’ve been adjusting the design of the vampires a lot in the past few days. They do well against healers because they leech most of the healing over to themselves.

We have:

  • 5* purple (Victor)
  • 4* blue (Valeria)
  • 3* purple (Vlad)

All very fast, similar skill: single target hit, single target DoT that gets more severe with each successive hit.

Halloween event open Date

So a very fast 3* might play larger if the other two don’t drop for a player?


Vlad (the 3* vampire) is a very tanky build with a suitably low Attack stat. He’d be a good tank choice for someone with only 3* or incomplete 4* heroes. Like every 3*, though, he quickly will be obsolete when you’ve got a 4* squad.

Very Fast heroes move from solid to excellent when paired with a 4* mana troop at level 11+. Most players relying on 3* heroes don’t have such a troop.

Valeria and Victor’s new build today is looking very nice. Not overpowering as I test them, but worthy of ascensions.


Is there a release date, like on Halloween for the event or a week b 4 etc…


I think the calendar events begin well before the holiday they are titled after.

Get your spending money out.


Other seasonal events have run about two weeks and avoid the Challenge Events. There’s no way to schedule a two-week block that (a) includes Halloween, (b) avoids Challenge Events and © avoids the next Season 2 opening. Also I expect we’ll have the winter event in December again. Considering all these calendar constraints, I think it likely that they’ll start Halloween somewhere in the third week of October, running into early November.


I think it’s possible but tight if my numbers are right. Atlantis starts 25th and ends 28th. Halloween event starts 29th and lasts 10 days and end Wednesday the 7th. The monthly event begins that Thursday the 8th.
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I hope the beef up the Christmas event w 3 new hero’s.


You don’t need Vampair to kill Guinny
You just need Chuck Norris


Lol bro, that card is golden.


I want to see those stats when he gets to final ascension! Of course it will take a while to accumulate 32 telescopes… :wink:


Telescope doesn’t ascend Chuck Norris,
Chuck Norris ascend Telescopes.


I thought there was a reply from Petri somewhere on this forum saying that the Fall seasonal event starts on the 22nd and will run over and through the Atlantis event.


That was in beta. I was trying not to say it outright, but, yea.


OMG that is awesome…LOL…I love the finger…


Owww Braddock isso Ă© muito bom :grinning:


What about Zlatan Ibrahimovic ?