NEW Valor Chests Discussion; Added in V37 for PoV9 [Master / Explanation]

I’m biased but I think that gems/cash for cosmetics (such as avatar and skins) is the best for everyone.


Tried searching, but is this the gold ring around the avatar? @Guvnor
I don’t recall seeing avatars ever display like this in the shop. Maybe I never noticed.


Looks like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not been there previously.


I’m glad I won’t be missing out on anything good or remotely aesthetic.


It definitely looks better on puzzle combat

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If this is indeed the case and it contains no better than an average monster chest then If I understand it correctly, for the $29.99 pass I’m basically getting 9 extra chests with ‘filler’ loot, 700 gems and an avatar for $20?



But like I said, the +9k points could have a lot of value to someone who is going to miss Node 48 / node 50 otherwise.

Value is always determined by what you get vs. what you wouldn’t get. :slight_smile: So for some it may be valuable. For others it isn’t.
No different to any other purchase.

But I agree. It’s a ■■■■ deal/ offer.


So yeah, as someone who has reached node 50 every PoV the $30 offer is bad. Avatars are fine but Mystic Titans have better so I will stick with my Baba Yaga anyway (or Hades when he comes out). The extra chest is nice. The chest for points, well, I am low on bones so why not. At least those points won’t get wasted.

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For POV 9, will the Underwild coins replace Valhalla coins in this one?

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Yes, most likely the coins will be for the Season 4 gate.

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Well, it did.
One of my alliance members got a valor chest today, and there are other people talking about this everywhere.

There’s another thread on this. Not everyone received that bonus chest.

It forces you to delay leveling the heroes you would have given those summoned feeders to.

ehm… training camps? you can level using those, mate

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And I do. But I also use the feeders I summon with gray tokens. Hence, I said “it delays leveling”, not “it prevents leveling”.

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any good loot? is it worth it?

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