NEW Valor Chests Discussion; Added in V37 for PoV9 [Master / Explanation]

There are Avatars behind a paywall for a long time now. Don’t think they will change something.

F2P don’t care, they have been playing in a different league anyway, and for a long time.
What’s remarkable is the deviation from “certain” loot.
Which makes it quite clear what rewards SG the most :roll_eyes:


I probably will wait to buy the premium offer until I’ve completed the 50th node! If I read this correctly those 9000 points will be worthless if you don’t complete the last level am I correct??? Or do you have to purchase this deal from the start??? Currently you can buy the path of Valor deal any time even after you’ve finished it! I’m a gambler and sometimes you hit and sometimes you crap out. It’s the thrill of

Yeah those you can actually get as f2p. And new PoV ones you have to actually pay real money so there is difference to me at least :slight_smile:


Well, there is an upside. People have been asking for more loot for completing all the tasks and not just stopping once they get to level 50. Now whether the extra valor chests are worth it is another issue.


No free avatars is a stupid decision. There are so many heroes that don’t have avatars at all…

Greedy greedy greedy




I am much happier with the idea of more loot as opposed to the avatar at level 50.

If they are to put anything behind a paywall it should be the cosmetic stuff like avatars.

Perhaps a solution for it though would be to put the avatar of current Hotm avatar in the top 1% loot bracket for single hit. This then makes it available and matches up to the mythic titan avatar being in the top 1% combined loot.


30 bucks for “premium” is an overkill… I will probably stay with normal valor pass.

Those extra chests that you can gather via points after 50lvl, are they all “basic” or “mega” if you get more expensive deal?

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Sorry, just laziness on my part… so how many daily task/cummulative task(?) Can we miss and still pull the mega/valor chest?

The same number as you can now to get to level 50. Only change is avatars now part of pay offer, extra bonuses for completing more tasks after level 50 and second pay offer you can decide to get instead of regular offer if preferred.


Oh, so i DONT have to complete all tasks to get the valor chest? Will there be more available valor chest if i over-complete? Or is it a one-time claim?

Yep you get the extra chests for getting more points past level 50


Also new? annoying popup reminder …
Без име


avatars are fun… but … uselesss… cheap2 play … still using my panda :rofl: as long as I can earn a rare mat… whatever…


Think its just another milking opportunity. All my goblin chest offers are horrible. What makes any think this will be better?

I had 15 keys in my 1st spot… 1.99 only time I bought in…

I’ve gotten rings and a d blade from recycling…
I do however do 2 monster and 2 hero chests a day on average tho… so I roll through the balloon a lot…

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Not defending SG, but remember that the 4* AM originally was in the 50 slot. They did move it down to 48 and didn’t need to.


I think they moved the 4* AM to 48 for more sales. I didn’t make level 50 on the first one, and decided then I wasn’t going to buy another POV until I could get to the 4* AM. I know several others in my alliance that where the same way. It’s much easier to get to 48… I don’t think it was SG being nice, I think it was to increase the number of POV purchases.


Buy elite valor pass, in order to be able to get valor chests. What those chests can drop is unknown. Tempting, isnt it?



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