NEW Valor Chests Discussion; Added in V37 for PoV9 [Master / Explanation]

Agreed. I am more upset over the crap chests, than I am about not getting a good hero in 500 pulls.


Every single chest I have received from POV, both the “Mega Valor Chest” as well as the several other extra valor chest, have been complete garbage. Mystic Visions have been worse, and I cant get a 4* mat more than once a month from 14* titans. WTF is going on with this game. I just removed my debit card from my google account because I dont plan to spend on the game anymore because of this crap. This isnt even taking into consideration how ungodly bad my pulls have been. How do these “random odds” make them more money when so many players are either leaving or going F2P because of them? Of course a few YOUTUBERS seem to be an exception.


First off: this is scumbaggery at its finest and it should be illegal to do what they’re doing. Not shameful…illegal.

That being said: stop. buying. worthless. crap.

You’re doing nothing but validating the greed thrust upon you and driving this disgraceful gaming experience economy to new heights (well, lows really).

And if you’re really desperate to throw away your money cos you’re filthy-rich and just dgaf, I will happily send you a real life feather and an arrow I made from a stick, in exchange for 30 bucks.

You can pay for the packaging and transport costs :slight_smile:


Why is everybody upset for buying an item that wasn’t intended for you. This deal was intended for those players who can’t finish Path of Valor and needed a 9000 pt boost to their score. For them it is absolutely not bad value considering they get the two ascension mats and all the other loot.


Those who aren’t active enough to get to level 48 or yet 50 are more than likely gonna pass in paying an extra 20$ for this kind of thing I would think. You can even look at the description of what they advertised, valuable loot in each valor chest. I guess it debatable considering one mans garbage is another mans gold but getting 3 items that are all 1* from these extra valor chests have basically burnt a lot going forward….like myself


Eh, part of the ‘grind’ to those levels includes needing an alliance to slay enough titans or slugging through raids in various arenas. Some folks don’t want to do all that, so this is a (nice, albeit easier) alternative.

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Oh it was intended for them, you’d better believe it.

Agree for those not able/motivated to grind POV, it’s certainly value, but for the most part it was an assault on the core spenders who won’t miss out on a gamble.

In return for 30 quid, here’s what you would’ve had anyway, plus ten middle fingers at the end of it, and a gold frame to put them in.


Premium valor chest garbage. 3x silver coins also.
Regular valor chest FTW.


Good to know there’s a chance of getting a 4-star mat in the free one. I’ll probably miss it this time because of the stupid titan star requirement (small alliance) and summoning quests (FTP) hitting together, but for future reference…

So people don’t merc? That I find hard to believe. The war part maybe but I highly doubt it. There are lot that
Make their own single alliances also

SG dropped the ball here plain and simple

Not everyone mercs. I don’t - juice not worth the squeeze, and I like the folks I’m with even if we are a quiet bunch. Raids I don’t find fun either. So the 9k points was worth it for me, just to avoid all that.

So, I think the consensus opinion is that everyone is happy, except for the dumb ones, like me, who thought “valuable loot” was worth a look see.

Anyhoo…I just landed my first “useful” item from one of the extra valor chests. I believe it was my sixth chest since completing the 50. It was a 4* trainer.

In summary, it appears there is a “chance” for useful or valuable loot, but it appears that “chance” is about as good as your odds of pulling a new 5* hero when you already have a ton of them.

Either way, it was a profitable scam. Hats off to the incredibly stingy.

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So…No word? Not even a “Haha. Gotcha” from the devs?

The only reason this wasn’t straight forward thievery was because we had to hit the button to make the purchase.

The devs were already losing credit with me. This has caused a major hit in my faith in them.

When a game…a tool for entertainment…makes you look like a fool for using it, it’s time to re-evaluate things.



Do stop going on about it. As you said above, you chose to buy it and see. Well, you’ve seen: it wasn’t worth it (in your situation at least). Experiment complete. Don’t buy it next time. Sorted.

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I’m not disapointed. Mega chest was like elemental chest. You can get 4* mat in it but most of the time you won’t. And since l bought the ordinary pass even valor chests were nice addition. I paid the same money as always but l got more, way more. For this one SG, you get thumbs up.


I’m sorry. Have I violated a rule or some other form of social protocol? I thought this was a discussion forum.

FWIW…I intended for my previous message to be my last. Lesson learned. Moving on.

Yes. The normal $10 buy in is definitely the better option. There’s absolutely no need to spend the additional $20 for the trash you get in the extra chests.


So am I seeing this right, PoV10 avatars are the same as the PoV9 avatars (Drake Fong & Gregorian, again?) That seems to make even less sense: first they offer old HotM instead of the new ones, then the next PoV they offer the exact same HotM as PoV9?!


With pov 10 they could at least stuck in some limit brakers players might invest more might be wrong :thinking: but no looks like the same as last pov. They asking for all this money least make it look tasty. But guess its to hard for SG to do something right even left the same 2 avatar in guess loot chests will hav the same garbage.

SGG Devt team forgot to update the avatars. Should be Devana and that Lizard creature, what’s his name.

This PoV straddles July and August nicely.

Next POV 11 should be Sept/Oct. Alexandrine and Oct HOTM

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