NEW Valor Chests Discussion; Added in V37 for PoV9 [Master / Explanation]

I bought the $30 offer and i’m mega disappointed…
The mega chest was a joke.
Thank you SG for the scam and i wish you can see this: i’m quitting the game!

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Im disappointed to. No reason to spend more then the normal pass. Feels like sg kicked me in ■■■, thx.

I think it is

rip-off but just wanted to show its possible to get goog stuff


For those who basically did this to get the extra levels, this what is expected to a certain degree. I already removed the gold frame as I feel like an idiot for having it and everyone in my alliance did also


First…I don’t believe in the call for legalities. It’s a game and you’re paying money for it. That, in and of itself, is kinda dumb. So, if it bugs ya that much, stop spending.

That said…the $30 buy in was an idiotic decision. I kinda knew it when I paid it on day one, but I’m one of those people that have to see it through, before passing judgment. Well…I’ve seen it through and it was definitely not worth it.

I missed one daily challenge and opted out of one war, so I’m a little behind, but what I’ve received, so far, isn’t worth anything near the extra twenty bucks.

Again, I’m not a fan of the dev’s tactics, but anyone who has played the game for even just a few months should be well aware of these things.

That said, I kinda expect them to keep fiddling with the value. Which makes me one of the lucky test dummies, but it was still my choice. As with many other lessons learned, I just won’t do it again.

In summary, SG devs have pulled another one over on us, but they aren’t criminals.


Just opened another. More trash. Two more coming after war. I’m keeping track, so I can give it a fair evaluation, but it’s not looking good.

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They’ve all been trash so far.

I bought the elite pass on the slim chance that the rewards this time around would be better since it was the first one and that they would “adjust” the rewards for subsequent PoVs but it looks like they’ve learned from their past “mistakes”.

I am in the same boat as you. I will not purchase this again.


I’m not opening extra chest … until I see something other then a leaf :joy: :leaves: in there lol I’ll save my 200 silver coins for a rainy day or if I’m sick and need help getting the reg pov done lolol

Over al the 9.99 looks decent tho I’ve only bought that side 2xs but still it’s a bit more tempting now then just a different avatar lol Mission accomplished.

Seriously? 33€ for a premium gamble chest, 9k points (you don’t need if you play) and some Avatars? If it would be further premium chests if you bought it fine but we paid to get extra normal chests which are on the same lvl as monster chests… Well that’s greedy.

Anyone hear anything from the devs on this? Or is it just another “gotcha, sukka”?

I opened three more chests yesterday. I stopped keeping track, but there’s been absolutely nothing of note in any of them.

I maintain that there’s nothing illegal about it, but they should definitely go to church after pulling this one over on us.


Its just gonna make people very apprehensive about buying things in the future. I know they have already burnt that bridge about the “premium” valor pass with myself and what the heck was that 30 summons offer? Let us toss in 3 regular summons coins with it lmao

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They didn’t pull anything over on you, people. The very first thread on this advised multiple times to not buy either deal until someone posted what was in those chests. I waited. I’ll opt for the cheaper one because it gives me what I need. Buying immediately versus at the end provides absolutely no advantage. You just have to be patient.


So…wait for someone to report what’s in the chests, or see for yourself? I chose option two. And nobody would have assumed that those bonus chests would be full of such garbage. I think we all know better than to expect to be wow’d by anything SG/Zynga offers, but an extra $20 usually grabs better than the trash I’ve seen, so far.

Again, I accept that I’ve been duped, but I/we have been duped.


I have received several extra Valor chests, yet the last time I passed 1000 I did not get one. I am well on my way up again and I would like to know if I am wasting my time ?

Just a guess, but if a player purchased the Elite Valor Pass thus having the 9,000 Valor point in advance upon purchase, I reckon there is a max of 10 to 11 Valor chests to be opened.

Is that true? is there a limit? That would mean the larger pass would only translate to five of the crappy chests, as you have a little over 5000 points to play with. Whoa.

There is a limit, limited to how many excess points you can gain (that is to say there is no limit)

So for PoV you have access to a total of 52,500 valor points (30,000 from valor challenges and 22,500 from Daily Challenges). Node 50 requires 46,750 valor points.

So there is a total of 5,750 available excess points.

Then you can gain the 9,000 bonus points if you pay for the BIG offer.

Thus there is a total of 14x Bonus Valor Chests available.


I have opened 7-8 additional chests now and still not gotten 1 item that is useful.


I think it’s safe to say there won’t be any useful items from those chests. I know there’s no such thing as a conscience in business, but SG/Zynga should really be ashamed of themselves for this one. By far the worst thing I’ve spent money on in the game.


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