NEW Valor Chests Discussion; Added in V37 for PoV9 [Master / Explanation]

They do…

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Can you confirm this or are they the same chests the F2P gets?

The Mega Chest goes to both of the paid pov options. Thr “elite” just gets 9000 extra points to go towards the regular valor chests

We know that. I guess I wasn’t clear with my question. The chest accumulated after achieving 50 have left a lot to be desired from the looks of it

It’s a step in the right direction but if they expect more people to pony up and pay for the premium again, I think they may have dropped the ball on this. Most of my alliance was smart. Not me. Most of them have held out to see what’s in the Valor Chest first

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Fully agree, I don’t believe all 9 chests will be as worthless as the first ones. SG must know that absolutely no one will buy it ever again. Let’s wait till the end and see what’s there.


So from what I’m gathering, you still can open the other 9 chest even without paying for the super expensive pack, but It’s just faster. So you’re basically just paying for the speed of opening these boxes, about 20 days faster than someone who didn’t pay for the pack

Without buying the expensive pack, i don’t think you can get enough points to open more than 1 or 2 extra chests. The 9000 points will get you to lv50 faster, and give you potential access to 10? extra chests.

I think your subsequent chest was better than mine…both poor but still better than mine!! :joy:

You get enough to open 7. With the premium valor pass you can get an additional 9.

And, yes, they’re going to be equally crappy. It was stated long before they would be.

People expecting otherwise were fooling themselves.

For some people they will get better. If enough people open 9 monster chests some will get a 4* mats, the same here. But for most people the loot for the next few chests will be exactly the same as in the first.

They have the numbers from their other game, the price there is the same, the loot also completely worthless and it seems there are at least enough people buying the higher priced pass that it was worth to implement it here. And even if only a handful of people buy it the next time they make more money than with the standard pass in the past and don’t have to give away anything worthwhile.

I ment the 9.99 offer. Everyone who bought the offer with the frame got what was clearly stated.

You got a EHT
1000 gems
2 avatars worth (2400 gems)
A frame to show off with (lol)
And 9 extra (small) chests …

It was very clear that it was for ppl who had trouble finishing pov do to life things
Or wanted the avatars…

No I wouldn’t pay for that it was clearly not for me I finish pov and … I waited to see what was in the chest 1st … and I think it’s very good deal.

(I’ve only bought pov 2xs… I might buy it more now because the mega chest looks decent)

No they don’t. It’s only lvl 50 rewards and i said about the rewards for player who passed lvl 50.

So for people who bought 2nd offer… I’m sorry to say. You got scam with just getting trash :laughing::rofl: which is 9 Valor Chest

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Im expecting to get at least a full set of 4 star ascension items! And 5 epic hero tokens

I think you will be quite disappointed. The extra chest beyond level 50 contained 1 crude iron, 1 turtle banner and 1 mana potion


First chest was junk. Wont be going the top offer again.

Again… the first chest has nothing to do with top offer

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Again… truth and facts have no home in this forum


Sorry I meant first chest on the free side. The left chest was ok. The right chest was 2 mana pots plus 2 other items I can’t even remember. Not worth the money or effort.

Isn’t that chest the one that repeats every 1000 points?

Suicide Bunny, took me about 1 minute to decide what to buy: exactly the same as I used to, that’s the 9.99 offer. This is an improvement and gives you the chance of another 4* Mat. Avatars, got enough and never needed extra points. So I’m loving it.

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