NEW Valor Chests Discussion; Added in V37 for PoV9 [Master / Explanation]

Bug not big*

My definition of high value loot is 20 nuggets, at least 5 ehts, at least one 4*AM, midnight roots, crap tons of strong ropes, iron bars, and the purple dust.


Well, I didn’t pay elite pass, but was hoping that all additional chest you collected points for if u have elite pass will be mega chest and no regular, even that I will think good before paying elite pass, now no way :sweat_smile:sorry for all that pay it :pensive:

That is the minimum I was expecting to get. High value is somewhat an opinion, but not a pure opinion, which a pure opinion is the only way a company cannot be sued for fraud. It is easy to prove that statement as false or misleading considering every item in the chest can be obtained almost daily for free by playing or for very little cost.

Just give 20 nuggies, just give two 4*AMs, just throw in some gems. That’s honestly enough for an almost 50 dollar premium pack nowadays

First of all I want to say that I consider the loot given not as “high value” stuff, but I think Sg can relativ easy argue that they give away high value :poop:

I’m just looking here at some pictures in this thread:

  • 1 flask, 1 we costs 100 gems in the shop I’m pretty sure Sg can argue that pvp or Titan flasks are worth much more.
  • 3 coins somewhere between 450- 900 gems
  • S4 coins somewhere between 9-35 gems
  • emblems, I have seen between 30- 50. There is a offer at the moment with 30 emblems the equivalent of 50 gems, so I will take that as measure, so 50-80 gems
  • I think there is an offer with two unfarmable 3* mats for 500 gems (not really sure about that never bought it) but just take those 500 for the two ascension mats
  • there are two battle items, you can buy those in the shop for around 100 gems each, some are a little bit cheaper for 80 gems but I haven’t seen anything cheaper given away
  • there are some more mats and a trainer not really sure how Sg would rate that, but just say it’s a bonus.

So that makes a total of 1500-2000 gems in Sg logic. I’m pretty sure they would argue that this is high value, although pretty much everyone who plays the game will disagree with them.


I recall after the Morlovia-gate some people tried to prove they used it because they thought it is an easter egg (quest is called “Return to Morlovia” and all they did was ‘returning to Morlovia’ = not guilty :joy:). Now we call out a glitch because description says loot was going to be high value and it is not high value by someone’s standards. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Besides. You didn’t have to buy ELITE pass to get it. Just regular pass is sufficient - only requires a bit more time and completing more quests. So if you were under impression that you paid 20$ to get that extra ‘high value loot’ chest then you did not pay attention at the offer.


When they advertise high value loot, I think the main player base was thinking it would be more than a chest you get when you’re on the losing end of a war or at least as good as a good Mystic Vision. I went thinking the extra chests would be something semi decent, not something you get everyday


Emblems are high value loot

Everyone should look at what a rare elemental chest description says…Contains" high value loot", and based on what i see you get 2 ascension items 3* with small chance of 4* some 4* items, 3 summon coins (all 3 with different odds), a flask, emblems, and a trainer. All of those are high value loot compared to a regular chest that has a random set of loot. This game is like life you have to earn the chance at getting something good, nothing is free.


That is garbage! The loot from the “special” chest in POV is basic loot from the nerfed elemental chest? Screw that. I won’t buy it again. Not sure why I expected any better from SG. Cheapskates!


Lol what a scam from SG! :joy::joy::rofl:


Are these rewards valuable ?? This is just a mockery of the players! Do you think someone will buy this expensive pass again ??


I’m so sorry to someone who buy the 2nd offer which is ridiculously expensive.
To get 9 more lvl which mean 9 Valor Chest

Well, the bright side is… At least you can get total 9 Emblem.
Lol I’m dying :joy::rofl::rofl:
Pardon my joke


Money is also a high value.
Would you pay 30 Euro for another 9 POV Lvl just to get another 9 Valor Chest that contains in total 9 Emblem and 90k Iron Chest?
Lol :joy::joy::joy:

SG should make Person who bought the offer regardless 1st or 2nd Offer get the Mega Valor Chest after passing lvl 50
Not a garbage Valor Chest :joy:


These are giving away like Halloween candy now

Maybe wait and claim all of the bonus valor chests at the end of PoV and then we’ll feel like we got something… :joy:

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I scored gold with the Mega Chest. The other chests that I will get for going over the limit has yet to be seen but I do know that SG did make this better but the extra chests beyond 50 arent gonna be worth the $$$$$

If I needed the levels to get to 50, I’d would have extremely happy

I got my first bonus chest this morning and it was pretty bad.

I’d post a screen shot but most of it was 1* items that don’t show up on the recent activity list.

From memory there was a wooden sword, a mini hp, 10k ham and iron, a dragon banner, 2 blems and a couple more 1* items.

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-Insert “wow, this is worthless” meme here


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