NEW Valor Chests Discussion; Added in V37 for PoV9 [Master / Explanation]

Everyone should consider the Elite chest to be equal to an Elemental Rare chest while the regular valor chest equal to a normal chest. So the elite will offer 3 summon tokens, 2 rare to epic ascensions, a flash, coins, and trainer.


Just saw a video where the Super Dooper Chest gave one tonic and a Damascus blade. That was some luck. Most of what I have seen is like an orb etc

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No, you have ALL the stuff in the POV premium path, plus the random crap in a chest.

The stuff on the premium path hasn’t changed EXCEPT for L50, which used to be an avatar. So ignoring that difference, the premium path for $10 is still a good deal.

Complaining that the mega chest doesn’t have a guaranteed 4 star material is rather absurd. It didn’t even exist previously, and now there’s a chance (however small).

The $30 option is very overpriced… unless it means you can get to L48 when you couldn’t otherwise. Which is what’s been said for 2 months on the forums.

The ONLY people worse off with this change are those who are dedicated to collecting avatars. For everyone else, you’re getting marginally better loot for the same price (even if F2P).


20 didn’t-read-the-post-points to you. I didn’t say that.

The point is, clearly, that a cash purchase (as opposed to a gem purchase) should have the items/odds listed clearly of what you are buying. It used to be that no odds were displayed anywhere in the game. That changed back in 2018, due I believe, to EU regulations and legal advice.


Did anyone opened this chest?
Is there any hope that in it we can find somethnig usefull?

Just to add, before I took the plunge and bought the regular POV I did read up about it on this very thread. Guvnor clearly explained the differences with the elite pass and added a warning that the loot is not expected to be up to much, going by the example of E&P’s sister game Puzzle Combat. OK, some players aren’t forum users so they might be caught out. But anyone commenting here is by definition a forum user and knows where to go for information. It’s right here, at the top of this page. If you read it but decided to ignore the advice and pay three times as much and are now complaining that what you’re getting is exactly what you were told to expect, that’s a bit silly. Hopefully most people who bought it did know what to expect and felt that in their situation it was worth having (or at least gambling on).

Actually, I confess, I used to like the avatars as well. But I have to admit the chests are more useful.


Well, I payed in advance and won’t do it again. The final chest is great and I realize most were hoping for a lot more….a guaranteed 4* ascension mat

The extra chests I’ll get from this will be basically like getting regular mission chest

Props though to SG for making POV a ton better

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Wow, the complete misunderstanding of what is actually being purchased is impressive on this thread. I spent exactly the same amount of money as last PoV, and instead of an avatar I will get some useful stuff.

And guys arguing with Homeclase, I’d like to sell you a used car, if you’re interested…

The extra valor chest


nice, looking little better than the first normal chest, could see little more 2 star items, so seems to go to 3 and 4 stars , in the coming further ones,… all the best…njoy

I got my 2nd valor chest today.
Filled with Valuable loot !!


so all additional chest is not mega valor even if you have payed elite rewards :exploding_head:

Yeah, it seem so. Totally waste of money then. I got really bad loot from yesterday chest. Basically 30 emblems and 2 3* ascension mats for 20€. Seriuosly this is joke!!! I won’t be buiyng that again ever!!!


I don’t see pictures from E&P…
Where those from? Which game?:eyes:

Does not say anything like “might contain high value loot.” It says that it does contain high value loot. Which means there is a glitch in the game. All I got worth mentioning is 50 emblems. Which should cost $2 or so based on magpies emblem boutique

Hopefully the devs get the glitch fixed quickly and give out the actual mega chests to people who paid to get them.

Sadly, it seems not to be glitch. :sob:

Also you get that Mega chest with regular PoV pass too. So basically we payed with little better chest than monster chest a lot of cash and of course Drake avatar. I’m seriously angry to myself for buing that, biggest waste of money on this game.


Which was known, and which is obvious if you look at the chest images.

High value is a wonderfully subjective term. Take a look at how much the devs value 3/4 star craftable battle items in money, and then you’ll understand what they mean by high value.

There is no bug.

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Yes, but considering it is an item people paid for, it is considered fraud to use terms that lead people to believe it is high value to them. It is a description of the item being purchased, which means the description is for the purchaser not the seller of said item. It has to be a glitch or big in the system

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