NEW Valor Chests Discussion; Added in V37 for PoV9 [Master / Explanation]

After reading the information above regarding the elite valor pass, it’s simply not worth the extra costs involved.

My view is that this is SG trying to exploit those who have a tendency for an impulse buy only for the rewards to not meet the expectations!!

Please consider one new avatar and one old HOTM avatar

Drake and Elradir instead of 2 older HOTM.

I could be wrong, but with the older value you get 2 chests.

The more expensive give you the big chest in the middle and 2 two in the level 50.

Completely missed that… Hence the earlier comments about buying Valor points. Penny dropped. Thank you.

Once upon a time…
PoV was a reward for daily active play :sweat:.


If you complete all Valor challenges, including every single daily, you’ll have enough points for 5 of those chests


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They sure are milking every aspect of this game. While a game pass like this is common for mobile games, but an advance game pass? I’ve never heard of such a thing before, but there’s probably games out there that’s like this already.

My daughter was given the option of choosing any Pandora charm as her mother’s day gift to her mother. She decided on a poo charm. (Un)fortunately, Pandora don’t seem to stock those…


You can get the POV that you know and love. Except with actual loot instead of avatars. That is literally the only difference

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I’m surprised nobody has figured out that due to the timing of POV they’ve overrun who they can offer so they had to pause and put in old ones to fix the balance. Since last POV ended with Yang Mai barely out. This way the next POV will feature the June/July heros. Since POV and cool down is 56 days now it will eventually have that problem every so often.


Damascus Blade. Not bad at all, for an accident.

How annoying that this is temporary! I was hoping that we’d get to keep them, and that they’d offer a new one each POV.

What’s the point in putting 1 epic coin in?

Cant see the moneys worth in the deal apart from 1000 gems. They need to make this better

Omg you read my mind :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Standard cost of vip 10. Plus the last deal on valhalla at the end 8 pound and get 1200 gems plus 100 tokens still saving money and getting more.

18 pounds all together. So really your sending an extra 11 pound on a frame you can’t even keep plus 2 old advatars.

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Wouldn’t that, in turn, make YOU the d-bag?


No, because I wouldn’t be the one parading around an avatar and a gold pane. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Firstly, who are you to say why they bought the deal? They may not have wanted the frame and avatar. I am not sure if there is an option to not show the frame.

Secondly, who are you to say how people should and shouldn’t spend their money and what is worth spending on and what isn’t? I am sure you spend money on things others would consider stupid, but they would have no right to judge you for it. Or maybe you can’t afford to buy the things that others would call you stupid for, but again, they have no right to judge you for not having money.

Thirdly, I don’t know why I am bothering to reply to this because you have shown very clearly that you are the thing that you are calling others.


Anyone that thinks E&P is expensive should have a women in their life that collects Pandora…then you’d know real cost for not much return.


They might get more folks willing to pay perhaps just 5$ more versus creating this whole new mega purchase. 5$ more added to $9.99 would get more takers. It is optics. You already have to grind to get loot either way, but for those who use this event and are CTP, 5$ more might get them to bite.

There are individuals who will never spend $29.99 or $99.99. $14.99 for the valor pass + chest would get folks to bite on greater numbers who would otherwise absolutely say no to $29.99. Face it, they are continually looking for ways to get the base to spend on the game. There are many who only buy POV Valor pass and nothing else due to the value of the loot and the ROI.


You are absolutely right! The dollar amount is especially insane when we don’t yet know what is in those chests!

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