NEW Valor Chests Discussion; Added in V37 for PoV9 [Master / Explanation]

So no free avatar anymore?

Based on how they run this in Puzzle Combat, no.

Like I said:


Might aswell join the other game


Either Valor Pass. It’s the Node 50 reward on the “paid rewards” side.

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I don’t like the idea of two offers available at once and only being able to purchase one…

What if I make up my mind? What if I end up missing these 9,000 points to a good reward?

I used to be buying PoV premium at Day 1, but now will be probably confused right till the very end which option should I go for.

Especially that the more expensive one is really… overpriced? Costs 3x more, but gives you: 700 more gems, 2 avatars (sucks to make these purchasable only by the way) and 9,000 Valor points which are pointless if you are able to make same amount by grinding. Unless you gamble that for (if I understand correctly) 9 rolls for valor chest right at the end if you are above level 50?

I don’t like it at all. PoV was nice “you get what you pay for” feature that was really worth the price and time investment. Now this change deters me. It sounded exciting on the release notes, but now with these details it really looks like crappy change.


To be clear:

  • You can still buy the same offer you currently have available
  • The rest of the rewards is the same; so the value for $ hasn’t changed for the “normal” PoV offer… If anything it’s actually better as you get more loot as Node 50 is now actual loot rather than an avatar.
  • Yes, the premium offer gives 9k bonus points which can translate to +9 bonus Valor chests

Overall I personally don’t find the “premium offer” to be even close to good value… HOWEVER it does have value to those players who may be missing say 9k or less points from reaching node 48 (4* AM) or even Node 50 (the mega Valor crate). Is it worth being triple the price? Probably not imho but… :man_shrugging:


Yup, what I mean is it gets random loot introduced to PoV that was all about guaranteed loot so far… And more random loot which you can buy 9 rolls of should you go for the more expensive offer, but 90% of time you will end up disappointed of it… still messing up with our ‘inner gamblers’…

And then, the avatars being moved to premium features - and not just that, but the fact you can from now on only collect all of them when you pay for the huge offer that’s otherwise worthless…

No thanks. Someone really put a wrong price tags on these things.

I know I can just buy the regular pass and forget about this change. I grind to level 50 the first day possible anyway. But some people are in position where they are not sure whether they may need these 9000 points or not. So basically buying this offer on Day 1 will be stupid thing to do - you buy the cheap one but at the end of PoV miss points to get ascension mats but can no longer buy them since you already bought cheap version OR you get the expensive one but realized toward the end you didn’t need it (and the 9 rolls give you power leaves and sandals). Either way, +1 to frustration.

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So the key takeaway is to not buy the Valor pass until you’re sure that it’s going to be worthwhile?

Sounds like the advice I gave back in PoV1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm avatars behind paywall that could mean they are going to be used for some benefits not just being cosmetic hehe. I know a ‘‘game’’ skins pins avatars all give bonuses whether being permanent or within a certain timeframe.

In Puzzle Combat, can you achieve the maximum rewards without the extra 9000 points?

I’m really not thrilled about this. Taking the EHT away from the $10 level and replacing it with an avatar stinks.

And I’m still very unhappy about the recent change to dailies. I’ve somehow missed 3 or 4 days of them. No idea how. But not going to get that last tier (not that I need it), it’s annoying. For many, it would mean not getting to 50, of even 48.


I like replacing an avatar with actual loot. Whether it looks like monster chest loot or recycled goblin balloon loot will be interesting to see, but even if it’s crap chest loot, I’d still prefer it to avatar.

I like having two purchase options. Some people will find value and will buy it so good for them. Some people will buy it without really knowing if it’s a good idea, but I’m sure this isn’t the only suboptimal decision folks are making. Hopefully this makes them more money!
I do like Guv’s point that purchases the premium option is great if you want to those extra points to get a specific piece of loot.

At first I didn’t like the extra levels/chests as I normally do as little as possible to get to the end of POV. I guess there’s more reason to do so now. Not happy about randomly playing season 2 and 3 stages when I don’t want to, but I’ll give it a go the first time.

Just to stir drama…this will widen the gap between f2p and p2p!


There are Avatars behind a paywall for a long time now. Don’t think they will change something.

F2P don’t care, they have been playing in a different league anyway, and for a long time.
What’s remarkable is the deviation from “certain” loot.
Which makes it quite clear what rewards SG the most :roll_eyes:


I probably will wait to buy the premium offer until I’ve completed the 50th node! If I read this correctly those 9000 points will be worthless if you don’t complete the last level am I correct??? Or do you have to purchase this deal from the start??? Currently you can buy the path of Valor deal any time even after you’ve finished it! I’m a gambler and sometimes you hit and sometimes you crap out. It’s the thrill of

Yeah those you can actually get as f2p. And new PoV ones you have to actually pay real money so there is difference to me at least :slight_smile:


Well, there is an upside. People have been asking for more loot for completing all the tasks and not just stopping once they get to level 50. Now whether the extra valor chests are worth it is another issue.


No free avatars is a stupid decision. There are so many heroes that don’t have avatars at all…

Greedy greedy greedy




I am much happier with the idea of more loot as opposed to the avatar at level 50.

If they are to put anything behind a paywall it should be the cosmetic stuff like avatars.

Perhaps a solution for it though would be to put the avatar of current Hotm avatar in the top 1% loot bracket for single hit. This then makes it available and matches up to the mythic titan avatar being in the top 1% combined loot.


30 bucks for “premium” is an overkill… I will probably stay with normal valor pass.

Those extra chests that you can gather via points after 50lvl, are they all “basic” or “mega” if you get more expensive deal?

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