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Hi, I recently joined this community, thank you for the opportunity and a very friendly welcome, I hope you are all in a happy and comfortable atmosphere. I really enjoy this game, thank you for creating and managing it, lately, I feel like there is something odd, for example the arrangement of puzzles that is too “unique” to force me to use excessive resources, far beyond my expectations. am i not getting support? (when I think of the support in the game) there are a few more questions, but I want to repay them, on this occasion I want to say that I want a panther guardian or back guard, I hope you will help me. thank you for your attention and all kindness


Welcome to the forum and the game. I hope I am understanding your questions correctly.

It sounds like you are saying the boards don’t have enough matches in the colors you need, and you are having to use battle items more as a result. We all go through stretches where it feels like that, but most of the serious research that forum members have conducted supports the idea that they are truly random. You’re just on a bad streak, but the odds say it will get better, and at some point, you’ll have a streak of insanely good boards for a while. Nothing is guaranteed, of course.

Not sure which hero you are referring to as “back guard”, but I can tell you that Guardian Panther is one of the more desired heroes in the game, because she is currently the only hero who gives elemental defense down for purple damage. As a legendary event hero, please understand how EXTREMELY difficult she is to draw. Happily, our friendly neighborhood moderator @Guvnor did an experiment about how many pulls it would take to get this exact hero. Check this out:

PLEASE heed Guv’s warning about how this experiment was within his budget to attempt and DO NOT ATTEMPT to replicate it unless you have a similar budget. You’ll also note that Guv beat the odds a bit, and you would not be guaranteed to get Guardian Panther in the same or a similar number of pulls.

Unless you are willing to spend A LOT of money, I recommend that you not get your heart set on obtaining any legendary hero in this game. The odds are just too long for that. As someone who only occasionally spends Google Play credit - and never money out of my pocket - I will target certain months or events based on the possibility of drawing a HotM or event hero that I think would help me more than others, but expecting to draw that hero is ill-advised. For example, I have made about 25 pulls in the last two Guardians events trying to obtain Jackal or Falcon, so far without success on either account. And those are four-star heroes with much better odds. And there are two of them instead of one specific target.

I hope this helps, and again, please forgive me if I have misunderstood the issues you are trying to raise.


I can only respond now, I think you understand exactly what I mean, you explain well, I understand it even makes me feel uncomfortable, because asking things is common for all players. and about the panther guardian or back guard (meaning the owl guard) I thought I should forget about them. thanks for your attention Noble


Yes, definitely forget about Guardian Owl. They are not a good hero. :slight_smile:

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I’m telling @Dator you said that!


Mods!! UCLA is posting off topic! :open_mouth:



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