New User Agreement tidbit – auto-generated players that look and play like real people

Did everyone catch in the new user agreement this???>>>>> “As part of the Services, we may offer you the opportunity to play with your friends or other matched opponents. To ensure that you always have available opponents at the right skill level, some of these matched opponents may be auto-generated players that look and play like real people.”
So now I ask this how many bots is playing our game??? I would have assumed there was a bunch at first so people would have plenty of opponents.


Ask @discobot what its raid defence team is I guess for starters


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Oh… That is interesting :thinking:.


At the rate we’ve been seeing in Wars, i was wondering if these were real or not.


Interesting concept! From AI battles to completely made up enemies to play against? Wow :flushed:, just wow


That would be interesting… Warring against a BOT alliance - what?! :angry:.


So if I’m matched in war to an alliance with a bunch of Hugh’s, Eddard’s, and Quinn’s, I know what’s up.


This from a long while ago: Me vs me in a raid


Who won lol

You or You?


here is one of them


1:1 matchmaking

IIRC one of the problems with live PvP, and live Poker, was 1:1 matchmaking and real time matchmaking.

BoH is currently hard to live PvP because Brandon did not add bots before the crash of Venan and the buyout by Megaspace.

So most companies avoid this problem by programming in bot opponents.

1:1 matchmaking

1:1 matchmaking is very hard.

You can see this with Empires with the Tournament defense team matchmaking.

Normally Raiding can just use zombie accounts.

But tournament defense teams have special rules, if you just used zombie accounts, the teams would have holes.

With the removal of 1* / 2* rarity there are less possible teams. But there are still a lot of possible combinations ( 6x colors 3x rarity, 4x rules = 72 teams ) and constantly introducing new 3* / 4* / 5* heroes and costumes, so storing past teams is not a good solution.

Bots and Empires

Because of all the above, it would actually be a bottomless development cycle drain to add tournament bots to Empires.

Since raiding can use zombie accounts, and war can default to a win ( see enemy alliance in Spectator mode ), there are no need for raiding, and war, bots.


But Empires now falls under Zynga ownership, and legal department will make Empires use the same TOS.


It’s fine as long as this bots needs to spend as much as we do to pull heroes :angry:

Jokes aside, I was wondering how you were supposed to find opponents if there would be only a few users playing the game (like, during first months of release).
The answer: made up players, with randomized rosters. That explains people that put boril on the far left or right -_-


Thank you @Rohn! I was going to ask the same question. For me, the key phrase is
“ that look (?!!!) and play like real people.”

How much would bring matched with an auto generated AI alliance affect the outcome of wars? War matching is already iffy - take the human element out and it seems pretty significant.


@zephyr1 thanks for the help on the title :wink:


I would love to hear from @Petri or SG if this change is for some specific plan to use bots someplace … or just to consolidate the legal stuff with other zynga games that do have bots.

I’m kinda thinking that given the “quality” of the AI in this game that most things that players do won’t be replicated by bots. Maybe defense teams in some circumstances since those could be generated but then they are “played” by the AI anyhow.


This sounds completely legitimate and certainly won’t ever result in players getting ringered out of tournaments where they would have to buy back in because they got matched with an “auto-generated opponent” that just “happened” to have all max emblemed HOTMs and just got steamrolled.

yup… Completely legit.

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At the end the real people do not even have to play they only need to pay money.


Good catch @Rohn!! This is very interesting. I wonder if there will be an AW opponents that are all AI?

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Lmfao @FrenziedEye!!! Well done! Just glad I didn’t have a mouthful of coffee this time :joy:

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