New use for iron, please!



Several of my alliance members, including myself, have completely maxed all buildings in the base. I’m actually doing the final building that used to be my barracks, all others are complete. The problem that we’re seeing is way too much iron. Although I seem to be constantly grinding, I can’t farm enough crafting mats to really make a dent. (Maybe it’s just my bad luck :joy:) I would love to see some alternative uses for all this excess iron. I honestly don’t even care what it is, I just hate feeling like it’s wasted. I’ve even moved my barracks to a mine just to slow production.

This is certainly not a major priority. I can’t imagine anyone getting truly upset by this, but I personally can’t go to my base without being mildly annoyed at not being able to even empty my watchtower at times. So pretty please give me/us something to spend it on. :blush:


I hear you; this has been an issue for almost six months now. There is some talk of more buildings in the future but not very soon. Hopefully we will be able to use iron for things like troops or other upgrades