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I can’t log in to my accounts with the newest updates. Screen shows new update there directs me to Apple App Store and shows already updated. Push open and the same new update available shows up. PLEASE FIx

Please check this thread for v1.8
Hopefully it works for you.

I deleted and lost my player what can be done

Read this…

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hi empires admin!.. please help me regarding the new update…i cant update it because its asking me to pay by signing in to my apple itunes account and purchase it… i dont see any other option on how to update… i have followed all your instructions up but still the same issue …i cant update because i need to pay for it…please help…


ive just downloaded the new update on my pc & synced it to my phone. now as i try log in it tells me “download error” “please check your internet connection” “0/44”. now i have switched my phone off & on, my internet is working & it still wont work. please help

Translation: And it continues since the update is no longer

Just install new update may 9 2018 aroynd 7pm eastern. It lets me log in then goes to screen saying error cpnnection with server. Please help

Updated today, game crashed 3 times during mission and raid… Bug in the update…please fix

After updating my game crashed during Titan battle and during the loot screen after playing province 13-6.
The game ran flawlessly before update. Please fix this buggy update asap!

Since the latest update I can’ t revenge any raid. Some ideas? What will happen if I deinstall and reinstall the game - lose all my progress and Items?

If they aren’t on the same version yet, you can’t revenge them. Once they update, you will be able to.

I have the same problem for the last update and the current one. Unable to play untill i pay! What am I paying for?

Game lost my food, it took me 11 minutes to finish rare event stage, when I try to play Epic Event stage, all of my 4* and 3* heros die in first or second round, and for some time I could not see my food or iron on a screen

Hello. I have found bug in Morlovia with boss.

Valeria attaking me with skill
I use heal with sabina = extra damage for valeria. I got video if need

A topic with a video has been created on this issue already. Thanks for shedding some more light on it though :slight_smile:

please help me to find my account…i donwload the new version and lost my character…please admins help me find my account…ive send a request but no one answere me for 4 days...and today make another complain...please help me find my account....i know that u can give me back my account so please just give it to me..its my right!

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